weight gain moan

Has anyone else gained too much weight??

I have gained way too much weight mainly because i haven't been able to discipline myself with portion sizes. Also i have eaten too much chocolates image(( Now it's too late because im due this week.

I have to go to Turkey in September to show the baby to the inlaws and they havent seen me since i was a size 12 and i dont want to be really big and sticky in the hot weather.

I am so scared that i wont lose this weight. Also my legs and ankles are like tree trunks from the swelling and fluid...i dont even think i look like me anymore.

anyone else gained too much and feeling like a bloater???

sorry for the super whinge! x


  • im only 31 wks, but i did weight myself several weeks ago and remember think i had put on nearly a stone. I keep telling myself its all bump as its all out front. At work they dont have maternity uniform so i have to go up the size. I started off with a 12, have get a size 18 tomorrow. I look forward to getting back into my size 12 clothes for the summer. I've told hubby that we will ahve to do lots of walking after baby is born to help burn off the extra bit of weight. hoping for a warm summer lol!

    So long as you eat healthy once the baby is born and dont eat crap, i guess the chances of losing weight should hopefullt be higher than the chance of you putting on weight. Friends have been informing me that one the lo is born i will be rushed off my feet and the weight should drop off. I live in hope! Try not to worry until after the baby arrives, as theres not much we can do about the weight whilst we are pregnant lol!
    try not to stress about it now, as baby can sense when we are stressed. try not to focus on your weight, easier said than done i know! they do say sex burns quite a few calories....... tehehehe
  • Hi hun im sure things aint that bad and if they are like you say im sure the inlaws would understand anyway you have had a baby!
    It is easy for me to say this as i have actually lost weight again this pregnancy almost 2 stone to be honest but i did the same with the last pregnancy i seem to put weight on when im not pregnant and lose it when i am very strange lol!
    i do still feel like a bloater though as im also very puffed up with water retention but dont worry this will pass after the baby arrives Good Luck and just remember your creating a miracle so it doesnt matter what you look like Sophie 35+6 xx


  • Hi
    I'm 28+2 and have put on bout 2 stone, which has mortified me!! I'm trying to eat healthy, won't gorge on rubbish, but not denying myself things.
    I'm a bit like u & worried bout after, as we've got a couple of weddings/do's quite soon after. I'm gonna rejoin Slimming World, which i did before & was successful..perhaps u could try something like this?!?
    In fairness to all of us ladies, i don't think we should put excess pressure on ourselves....we're not all celebs who have dieticians, personal trainers or nannies!! at least thats what i keep telling myself
    Sarah xx
  • I've just weighed myself earlier this evening and knew I'd put some on as been eating donuts and desserts too much but shock aargh put on 22lbs and am only 26+3 going to monitor it now - not sure how much is baby but put loads on with my DS1 and took a while to shift. fed up now.



  • Im glad someone brought this up as Ive been having a complete panic the last week over the weight gain. Everyone keeps telling me it all piles on in the last trimester. Ive already put on a stone and a half and thats with keeping active and trying to eat healthly. Im 29 weeks by the way. My hunger has now gone into overdrive and Im seriously struggling to control the eating. Im not eating crap its just lots of the everyday stuff. Its beginning to realy depress me as Ive never had issues with weight and dont want to end up with lots to loose once Ive had the baby. Whingggeeeee
  • I'm 19 weeks and havent weighed myself since the beginning of the pregnancy! But I know I can still get a pair of jeans that I had before I got pregnant on up to my bump so at least I know I havent put too much weight on on my legs and bum! But I've been really worried about losing the weight afterwards too, it took me ages to lose it after my first but trust me, it'll be the last thing on your mind! You'll have a beautiful little baby to love and you honestly wont care about your weight for about 6 months. But breastfeeding is a huge help in shrinking your uterus and helping everything get back to a normal size, other than that eat healthily and sensibly but dont feel you need to be like posh spice and be back in size 6 jeans 2 days after the birth! Its not realistic and its not healthy for you either.
  • I am 24weeks 2days and have gained 21 and a half pounds, this is just over the top range according to a chart I saw on here.

    The thing is I know why I have piled the pounds on, its because I stopped all exercise and ate crap, so as of Monday this week I have started walking in the evenings and eating far better, only having one treat a day (choccy bar or something) I wont deprive or push myself but decided just cos I am pregnant I dont need to lose all will power and restraint either!

    Heres to all being trim yummy mummies in the not to far away distant future! I'm sure all the running around once babies here will burn a few pounds off!

  • I feel fat tooooo! I have only put on 1 1/2 stone (1 stone off pre-pregnancy weight as I lost weight in the first trimester) but that was last week and this week I have definitely been 'eating for two'. Apart from the bump I have put weight on my face and have chubby cheeks like a hamster! I wasn't exactly skinny (a size 12-14 - which looks big on me!) pre-pregnancy either.....xxxxx


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