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has anyone been told wrong sex at scan

hi all

watched a baby programe and the woman got told she was having a girl and then when she went into labour she gave birth to a little boy to see the shock on her face .
just wondering has it happend to you or anyone you know xxx


  • Hi yeah this happened to my friend, she was also told she was having a girl and she gave birth to a boy! She had to get rid of all that pink image
  • yeah i have heard of this, that is why we had a private gender scan to make sure. xx
  • Well we was told at our gender scan if its a boy its like 99% acurate and if a girl less than that it seems like ages ago i cant remember the exact figures. So i guess it can happen we have had two scans tell us its a boy got 4d one on march 7th that will show us boy again! lol Bet thats horrible thinking your all prepared then boom wrong sex!
  • I was told there was 'probably' one girl and they weren't sure about the other (so that didn't boost my confidence about them getting it right!) Had a 4d gender scan as they are 98% accurate and she was 99.9% sure they are both girls.... We've done our nursery in creams just in case! haha


  • yeah my hubby's cousin was told it was a girl then she had to have a growth scan 2 wks before the birth an dit turned out is was a boy! My cousin had private 12 wk scan and somnographer said on teh quiet "I think it's a boy" but at 20 wk scan it's a my own 20 wk scan I was told it's a girl and I said to sonographer "and you can see clearly? There's definitely no sign of a willy?" as I really wanted to be sure!! x
  • i think someone on here was told they were having a girl but then later on at another scan they were told it was a boy so had to take all the stuff back and swap it.

  • I have had a gender scan at 16 weeks as these are really good the machine are better than the NHS ones and I was told I was having a girl. She said she would eat her hat if it was a boy and showed me the three lines, i must say i could see no willy but we have our 20 week scan on the 31st march so this will comfirm it or show that she is wrong.

    Till then i am only buying white and cream and lemon.

    K xx

  • My sil's sil (if that makes sense lol) was told last year she was having another girl, at every scan she was told a girl and to make it worse she was also told by 3 different doctors, so she bought everything in pink and it was a big shock when the baby was born and it was a boy!!
  • Yeah i am sure there is a girl on here that had this happen recently. I think her 20 week scan said one sex then she had a private scan later on at it said another. I am sure she is in the May or April forum. You should put a post in there. Nicki
  • Our local hospital got the sex of someones baby wrong and ended up being sued! Needless to say they refuse to tell anyone now what they're having!
    We're having a 3D/4D scan done next month and from what I understand it'll be very obvious what it is!

  • My friend is a midwife and she said this happens quite often, which is why they wont ever tell you %100 what the sex is.

    In my scan the sonographer actually saw the girl parts (rather than just not seeing boy parts) and pointed them out to us, but even then she said she couldn't tell us for certain.

    I painted my nursery in beige and creams (with the "i love my bear" range from toys R us) and haven't told anyone apart from our parents - just in case. It will certainly be very strange if they have made a mistake.

  • It was Tracey and baby on the May forum this happened to, she had a scan at the hospital and was told girl, and at her 4D scan she found out she actually had a boy! all her pink things have now been replaced with blue lol. I was told at my 20 week scan that it "looked like it could be" a girl. At the 4D scan, the guy was really definate! Must admit i had a good look too and deffo looked like a girl to me! He said it was a really good pic and u could see the 3 lines (girly parts) very clearly, so i've bit the bullet and gone all out on the pink stuff! If it turns out to be wrong then oh well, our little boy will just have to like pink dresses! xxx
  • This happened to my friend she had 2 or 3 scans due to bleeding during pregnancy and at each scan she was told it was a girl... Then i got a phone call she had actually had a little boy...
    Her mum took what she could back to the shop and had to sell other pink things... she also gave me some bits as i was pregnant at the time... and was told i was having a girl... and i did,,,
    She isnt going to bother finding out with the next one...
  • They have told me im having a boy and you could see the little ball bag and willy so if thats a girl there is seriously something wrong with her!
  • ...yep someone I work with was told it was a boy and a little princess was born! xx
  • yup my mum was told she was having another girl (had me and 2 sisters already) then when baby courtney was born she was a he!!!...and yup i have a brother not a sister :lol: courtney replaced by callum ..... and slept in a pink room until we got it sorted it does happen lol xxx
  • This happened to a girl I know. She was told she was having a girl, and got EVERYTHING in pink. Pink pushchair, bedding, clothes, car seat, bottles the lot. Spent a HUGE amount of money, then gave birth to a boy! Some of the stuff she exchanged, but she had to sell most of it for what she could get.

  • Reading this if we decide to find out what we are having (and I have NO idea what we will do at the moment!) we will def still be buying everything in
    TBH I think I would do that even if it was 100% confirmed as we might have one of the other sex next and would be really annoying having to get everything in another colour - for the biggest things anyway. So will be neutral all the way!
  • This happened to my friend too, told the whole way through she was having a boy and ended up with a girl!
  • My mate just had a baby about 2hrs ago! The hospital told her she was having a girl, it came out a boy!!!!! i realy feel for her, she has bought loads girl cloths and nursery is pink e.t.c.... she hasnt even got a name for him. I am now worried that my baby girl will come out a lil boy! as if am not worried enough about everything else! Lol. bless xx
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