Maternity Leave agreed - so excited!!!!

I have just had email conformation from HR dept at work to say I can take my 25 days annual leave prior to my maternity leave.
So, my last working day will be 21st May!!!
Then my maternity leave will actually start on my due date of 29th June.

Ive already worked out that I have 37 days left to work and could not be more excited!!!

I would love to finish sooner, but with hubby out of work still, I need to keep earning as long as I can and I am only entitled to Statitory Maternity pay. This way, I will have 5 weeks off paid and then the following 6 weeks at 90% of my pay before it drops to ??117 a week and we all have nightmares!

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  • Correct me if I'm wrong but hasn't the SMP gone up? Not by much to to about ??123 something a month. Even better for you hun x
  • Think SMP goes up from 6th April.
    Fantastic news hun - I'm hoping my HR let me take my 6 weeks leave all at once, but i doubt it!!
  • Ahh, thanks ladies, well pointed out.
    Every little helps!

    Lisa - if you are not going back before the next holiday entitilement starts, then I think they are supposed to let you have the time off. Is definatly worth asking, I didnt think i woud get it and ive been lucky enough.
  • Thats excellent news hun I put mine down in writing on Monday to say that I wanted my maternity leave to start 4 days before my due date on 23rd July but I will be taking 18 days holiday before my maternity leave starts so my last day is 26th June.

    Cant frickin wait!!


  • Yay, the count down begins! 37 days will fly by, I remember when mine was 39 and after today its 13.5!

    I'm going on maternity leave on the 17th April using 4 weeks annual leave before my official maternity leave starts on the 18th May! Only 3 more weeks to go and only one full week at work because of easter!

    32+6 x
  • Its a great feeling!
    I think it will be even better being at home instead of at work!
    It cant come soon enough for me!
  • Mrs Dickson I leave on the 22nd May, have 3 weeks annual leave then Maternity pay starts on 15th June baby due on the 26th June. My hubby also out of work so hoping and praying he gets a job before my 6 weeks 90% ends or not sure what we will do! good luck to ur hubby too xx
  • You lucky girlimage I am so pleased for you and those days will just fly by and you will be off image I can't wait for my mat leave still have a good 14 weeks think it will be early in July I have three weeks holiday to take.

    K XX
  • Mrs Dickson, my last day at work is 21st May also. Its so exciting i cant wait. Im using 22 days annual leave before my maternity leave starts on my due date 23rd June. 37 days left at work, that is scary not long to go at all.

    Emz 27+2
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