i'm contracting

Have been since 12.30 and have the most insane amount of pressure between my legs.

I'm not amused.
FAR FAR too early.


  • Hope it stops for you hun. How far gone are you? xxx
  • Hi Elsbeth...Last friday I was contracting every 10-15 mins from 930am - 1115pm..they got quite painful so had a hot bath and they stopped!!! Really got my hopes up as I was 39 weeks....I rang my midwife for advice so if they do continue or get worried give yours a call just to see what she says.

    Katie and bambino.x x x
  • ooh! scary stuff lets hope they're just practice ones, good luck hun x x


  • Hope all is okay elsbeth and ur lo has not decided to join us in the outside world just yet. Kerry xxx

  • LOL, zoey you are a fine one to talk miss I have lost my plug and am leaking clear fluid lol.

    I did indeed go to the hospital.
    I was getting some small contractions but nothing to worry about so they let me come home and I have to keep an eye on it now. They seem to have eased off a bit, no thanks to the massive row i had with Jake.
  • no there was no fluid at all.
    So that was good, just insane pressure.

    Mate, I text him telling him I was getting contractions, said i was ringing the hospital. Then text him and said I had rung and that it was up to him if he wanted to come, noting her could really do. He text me back asking if it was because I was miffed at him still. He was with his mate Gemma (who I can't stand). I never got a reply, he never came to the hospital and when I saw him 4 hours later he didn't even acknowledge me. So we had one almighty row and I basically told him that unless he sorts out how he is treating me he will not see Grace and I am not pissing about.
    I don't feel I have done anything wrong and I won't be treated like that EVER.
    He said it is coz we aren't together and he feels he is missing out on so much.. now, that's not really my fault is it lol.
  • Yeah it can bring it on.

    I have noticed that I am losing a pinkish colour discharge (sorry TMI i know) am keeping an eye on it.
  • I didn't think i had lost my plug either tbh but you never know.

    I am sore actually, i thought it was from wearing a pad all the time.. not so sure now.
  • not sure whether this a help to you gals, but i had a show with my son (my 2nd) at 31 weeks, and he ended up being born 12 days over due!!! best wishes x x xx
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