Anyone pegnant after a mc?

Hello i am 13+5 and quite worried. I had a mc last August due to a molar pregnancy and have greived and had started to heal. the problem being as this time i'm not excited or bonding with bump. At my scan i was happy to see baby but not as excited as my mum was or as i was with sons scan. I think i am trying to forget that i'm pregnant also as i barely think about it and as symptoms have gone it not always on my mind. I don't know if this is self protection thing or not by not bonding with the bump maybe if anything goes wrong then it won't hurt so much? Anyone else go through something like this or similar beginging to worry that i'm losing my mind or feelings!


  • Hi, sorry to hear about your m/c - I too m/c last August - I hadn't had anything before and it was very upsetting as you know - and I was about 9 weeks - we would have been due on 15th March next Saturday and can't help thinking about it = as it's only natural too - was very upset at the time and took several months for me to feel better.

    However, luckily we conceived again and now due on 4th July with a little baby girl.

    I too was on edge and nervous for several months but after 15 weeks started to feel positive and enjoyed the scans etc. you are bound to feel worried, but hopefully everything will all be well - and try not to worry too much. Take care. Chelle xxxxx
  • Hi there,

    I have had two consecutive m/c in the last 18 months and I'm now 30+5...

    It had been a really difficult time as sukib says your constantly on edge. It has completely taken the fun out of this pregnancy and I keep dreading things going wrong, even at this stage i still really worry. I have bonded with my baby but tried not to for a while as I was so terrified of losing him.

    You will work your way through it and you will bond with your baby, your feelings are normal, try not to worry to much (I know, easier said than done!!!!).

    I know I won't relax until I'm holding him safe and well in my arms...

    good luck
  • Thnks all of you i know i'm being silly it just hard being positive. And i also will feel better when the baby is safe in my arms. A lot of things seem to be going wrong for pregnant people around me so i see them as well and think god anything could happen. I'm sure if i get to 25 weeks when there is a chance of the baby surviving if born early i may relax.

  • Hi! I had a mc in Feb 2007 at 9+4 wks. I was completely devastated, but me and oh decided to try again. I was pregnant again 4 months later, and I've just given birth to my gorgeous baby boy on the 6th March. I spent the WHOLE of the pregnancy worrying and didn't relax at all. I also wanted to get to each of the milestones - 12 wks, then 24 wks so the baby would be 'viable'. Do try to relax a little (easier said than done I know!), but now that my baby boy is here I'm left wondering why I worried so much. He just seems like a little miracle, but one that was 'meant to be'. Take care of yourself, Love Rachel XXX
  • Thanks Rachel it fills us with hope when someone goes on to have a baby after such a horrible event! It easier said then done but like you i'm wishing pregnancy away with the milestones! I did that with son ie can't wait till he is sitting, crawling, walking and this time want to enjoy the pregnancy and baby stage as it goes so quick! I'm keeping fingers crossed that i will be a mum again as this is my 4th pregnancy and only have son!

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