still no movement :(

need some help i'm 18+weeks pregnant with my 2nd baby my oldest is 7 but im still not gettin any real movement i feel my belly go hard sometimes and sometimes feel what i can only describe as fish swimmin round! lol is this my baby or me hoping it is? got my 20wk scan on 12th dec when ill be 21+1. just need a bit of reasurrance in the meantime. heard the heartbeat at the midwife 2weeks ago xx


  • Hi Lou! Don't worry. I'm 18+1 with my 4th pregnancy and I don't feel anything more than you do! Just hardening and the odd flutter which I am sure are movements. You'll feel some definate movement in no time, I'm sure. Jane x
  • thanks i really hope so i had my son 7yrs ago when i was 17 n didnt find out til i was 24wks! lol so up until that sort of stage im not sure what to expect. ive also had 3 miscarriages since havin my son so everything is a worry just cant wait for my scan so i can c our little wonder movin around. when r u due? x
  • really thought i would feel things sooner with the 2nd one, when i had my scan they said baby was very active its just scary waitin! did just feel a little pop but when u sit n think about it i wonder did i really?!
  • Hey dont worry im 20 weeks an i still not feeling much iv got my 20 week scan 2mora an very excited we find out if its a liitle boy or girl . so dont worry .:\)
  • arr make sure you keep me posted! im hopin to find out on 12th dec, but just cant wait to see my tiny baby movin round maybe my placenta is at the front and blockin some of the movement? anyone else had this?
  • Hello again! My babies (identical boys) are due April 26th but will probably be here sooner. I also have a 17 year old who I had when I was 17! Along with a 12 year old and a 10 year old. Jane x
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