finishing work early

i am 21 week and finishing work early at 23 week i was recomended by the doctors to finish even earlier but work has bin good and cut work down so i can finish at 23 week. This due because of heart condition for mine.I have two children and had normal pregnancy was ok in my self but this time it has really taken it out of me . i am stuck indoors most of the time but the good news i am have a girl after two boys. i am just no 17 weeks is going take so long. Has any one finished work early :\(


  • hi cazmac

    good thing u r finishing early, and with the support of your employers!
    hope you have a smooth pregnancy and your two boys are little angels for mummy!
    i finished just before 34 weeks but was reasdy at 29 i think. everyone is different and for healthy reasons etc it is good that we are able to leave work etc..
    anyways take care!
    holly 40+1
  • I haven't had to finish early and I do sympathise with you that it will probably make the time go slowly but at the end of the day its obviously the best thing to do for you and for your baby.

    Why not use it as an opportunity to spend quality with your other two children before lo comes alomg or find a new hobby which isn't strenuous like card making or baking- something you may even be able to make money out of!!
  • im finishing work at 27 wks as i am finding my job very hard as i am a care assistant and start work at 7am finish at 12pm then start again at 8pm til 10pm. i know that its not alot of hours but i am struggling with it being over 12 hrs i started to sleep in the day time but it was doin no good for me as all i seem to be doing is getting ready for work,working or sleeping which started to make me very depressed so i am leaving earlier now.:\)
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