Should i be concerned ??

Hi all

I have just got back from my 24 week midwife appointment and whilst there they found i had sugar and a trace of protein in my water, i have to go back in two weeks to be checked again.

I do have a family history of diabetes so had prepared myself for a GTT anyway

Do you think i should be overly worried ( i'll worry anyway until i go back!!)

On the plus side i heard babby heartbeat and it was fine kept kicking the machine!1


24 + 4


  • i wouldnt be worried hun. they will probably do the GTT as a precaution cause its run in the family.
    if it turns out you have diabeties it wont be a proper form of it iyswim. it will go shortly after you give birth. and it can be easily controlled. hope that everything goes well x
  • Had this last time, and went in for GTT and it came back normal. It can simply be down to something you ate before you gave your sample. They are a bit extra about it in case you have got gestational diabets, in which case you have got to follow strict diet as lo can become extremely big due to excess sugar turning to fat.
  • thanks girl think i am just paranoid with having 2 m/c's previous to this pregnancy.

    Well i am seeing my doctor next week for my 4 weekly appointment so will see what he says


  • sorry to hear that hun. hope that everything goes well.
    let us know how the appointment goes x
  • I had protein in my urine at my 31 week check and my midwife didn't even mention it, I was just reading my notes and I saw it in there. I was quite annoyed as my OH's mum had this and like mine her blood pressure was normal but the week after she had an eclamptic fit due to full blown pre eclampsia and her & her baby both nearly died, she was in a coma for a week & my oh's sister was so tiny (1lb 10oz) due to being so prem. SORRY - I really didn't mean to scare but it annoyed me that she didn't even mention it when it can be serious. I have looked it up though and it's very rare that protein in urine is a sign of full blown pre-eclampsia when it is not accompanied by high BP, it can simply be due to a bit of cm mixing in with urine or a urine infection. I'm not sure about the sugar but it is probably a false alarm. I wouldn't worry too much, I'm trying not to! xxx
  • i wouldnt worry your self to much hun, they have found suger and protein in my urine and its turned out to be nothing, im sure if they continue to find it in ur urine they will do futher tests.
    good luck in 2 weeks hun

  • Hi i wouldnt worry at all i have had protein and sugar in my urine at every appointment ive been to they keep sending it to lab to check there is no infection but it comes back clear it has come to the point now that i just dont bother they send it every time tho good luck and dont stress yourself out too much Sophie 32+2 xx

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