what can i eat, need advice?

I need a bit of advice, i am 19 weeks pregnant and have really been craving sea food especially prawns.
I am off out for dinner tonight and i know alot of the menu has seafood, Could anyone tell me if it is okay to eat any as i looked on the internet and some says yes and others no, just wondered if anyone can help please?

sophia x


  • Hi,
    Prawns are ok, as long as they are well cooked and served hot, like in a curry etc.
    Most fish are ok, you just cant eat loads of oily fish or any fish with high levels of mercury like swordfish or marlin.
    Naomi xx
  • most sea food is fine so long as properly cooked
    also try not to eat to much fish with high mercury levels
  • shellfish is ok as long as its thoroughly cooked and served hot unless u have an extremely low resistance to toxoplasmosis in which case u shld avoid it completely, all other fish is ok but u do have to limit ur intake of tuna and swordfish etc due to the mercury levels, but oily fish like salmon is actually considered fantastic for pregnancy as it contains omega 3 which is helpful for the development of the baby's brain




  • thank you for your replies you have been very helpful, I had a lovely piece of salmon when i went out for dinner x
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