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Hi Girls,
Hope all mums and bumps are doing ok in this lovely but "hard to cope with wen ur pregnant whether". Anyway im righting this post just to gage exactly how unorganised i am. This is my second baby so we've got all the essentials like cot, carseat, trolley blah blah... but we've got no clothes wat so ever other than a couple of white vests, nor av i got anything for my labour bag. I dnt even have a pak of maternity pads or any "big iv just had a baby knickers" and to be honest i really dont feel like i can bring myself to organise a bag. I dnt know why im feeling so "uhhhh!" about this bag packing, surely its something i shud be enjoying (i think i did last time). Is anyone else feeling the same or do u have any words of motivation to kick my arse into gear coz id be snookered if baby decided to cum a little early coz iv got nothing ready for hospital. Kerry xxx


  • Hi Kerry felt sort of the same when I tried to do mine at first, think it made the whole thing more real and made me think about actually giving birth! Did finally do it last week though as I have started to have alot of painful bh's and thought what if I do go into labour and have nothing ready! All I need to get now is a couple of nursing bras and we are all set! Now that I am orgnised though watch baby Scott be bloody late! Tammi xxx

  • Yeah, i think sub-consciously im hoping if i dnt pack might pack that i might not actually have to give birth and my baby will just appear, lol. I think like u said tho once i get started ill be alright, its just reading sum posts on here i know sum ladies have had their bags packed from as early as 25wks! I finish uni on 20th may so i think i will dedicate my time after that to labour bag packing, thats if the heat hasnt killed me first, lol. Cheers tamarabell, ur so wise and knowledgable, lol. Kerry xxx

  • Thanks Kerry! Normally a dizzy blond so nice to hear that I am so wise & knowledgable, lol! xxx
  • I am exactlly the same. I made a start the other day and sorted out the stuff for the baby and even bought some big pants and maternity pads, and then I put it all down in the cot and have been ignoring it ever since! I can't seem to motivate myself to pack it, silly really, I am 34 weeks on Tuesday and as Millie was early I keep telling every body this one will be too. You'd think that would motivate me to get my arse into gear, but obviously not!
    Kerry xx
  • Can't be bothered - Won't be bothered!

  • Oooh I love packing things! Trouble is I rather optimistically thought I'd get it all in my little sports holdal that I use to go swimming but it was half full by the time I'd packed my maternity towels and breast pads! That just leaves me with my suitcase - which is a big old thing - big enough to see me through a fortnight in Greece - how big is too big when it comes to hospital bags?
  • go on ebay n buy a pre packed bag, lol i did mine quite early as after 30 weeks i cant b bothered with anything xxxxxxx
  • Ohhh I have big knickers for my bag. Got them yesterday and had to try them on, had hubby in stitches. They covered my bump they were that big! I will pack my bag this week...if I can be bothered. Hubby has started it for me, he is Mr Organised!

  • I think I will sort mine next weekend, maybe, if its not roasting again!, glad everyone else is struggling to get focused and its not just me!
  • Ive bought a new little suitcase and Ive written a list of what I need to buy-but havent started packing the things I already have yet.
    Having trouble with coming home outfit for lo to be honest.


  • Its hard to believe this is my second baby coz im sat here wondering wat the hell i need i my labour bag. I dnt actually remember taking anything with me last time (but obviously i did), think i need to route out one of those checklists, it really didn't seem that hard last time, so much for motivation, oh well another week won't hurt, lol. Kerry xxx

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