Feeling sad....anyone had the same?

I woke up this morning fine...then about 9ish i went for a erm no2 and straight after ive had streaky brownish blood in my cm....i know its not poo its def brown blood...its mixed in with my cm...have had a cry and am expecting the worse....guna try to get a scan in the morning but am not holding out much hope, kim xxxxxx image image


  • Only 5.5wks, which i know is mega early...cant stop panicking, guna see what happens today....
  • I have had similar to this twice in both my pregnancys first at around 7 weeks and then again around 9 weeks. Millie is now 21months old and number two is due next month. Try not to worry, like Zoey says it is old blood if it is brown and if it is only a tiny bit it really doesn't have to mean the worst.
  • kim stop worrying!!! i put up a post about this it happens to me everytime i go to the loo!! first time it happend i was in tears thinking the worst then i got my blood test back and it was all fine! i've woken up this morning with browny coloured discharge but i've not got any cramps or anything so i'm not worried! relax babe i read that the cervix is so sensitive at the moment and there is an increased supply of blood that its very common to see something after a no 2!!! please dont worry love rai xxxxxx
  • Thanks girls...its seems to have finished now (over 5hrs) my cm is almost back to a normal colour...!!! I did go a bit mad and ran out and got a pg test....i got a positive even b4 the wee had hit the control line, and its nice and dark....i had diluted pee too and had only been to the loo 20mins b4 so makes me feel a tad bit better...still being a worrier tho!!!! xxxx
  • I had this last time and this time, brown is old so not always a bad thing, if you 5.5weeks then your period would have been due around now,it can also happen again at 11 weeks.
  • i ahd this in the beginning kim. i had old brown blood and red blood for about 4 days around the time af was due. mentioned this to mw at booking and she said that was fine. fingers crossed.

  • hi i think it's really common to get the odd bit of bleeding in the beginning as long as it doesn't get worse and you don't get bad pains with it ring your midwife first thing and try not to worry until then, good luck x x
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