From ttc - v v v faint line

Hi ladies, need some advice. I'm 12 dpo and have a v v v faint line on a hpt eBay cheapie. How many of you had this with your pregnancy? Would it just get stronger as time goes on? Don't wanna get too excited yet!


  • I did 4 tests and the first 3 were all so faint. I had actually thrown the first one out and was really upset. Got it out of the bin and the sun hit it and i could see a v v v v faint line. Got a friend to look cause i thought i was imagining it. Same with next two then got a clearblue and clear as day a big line. Fingers crossed for you.

    Lindsay 21+1
  • thanks Linz82, how many dpo were you when you did the CB? Bit scared to do another one incase it doesn't show up again!!
  • The first test I did was only about 7/8 DPO and it was so faint, I threw it away thinking it was an evap line!
    The next one I was about 9/10 DPO and it was a clear, definite line but was faint and that was in the afternoon.
    The following morning I did a normal test and the CBD with first pee of the day and got strong lines!
    Good luck!!!
  • Hi,

    I did a test on Thursday and came back to throw it away after 5 mins and there was the faintest line there (cheap 10/mu ebay ones) at 11 days po. With Henry 3 supermarket tests all came back negative until 10 weeks so I knew I needed a more sensitive test this time. I did another test on Friday and the line was about the same faintness and took almost as long to appear so I was a bit worried, did another one this morning and the line is a lot stronger and came up straight away! So I'd get excited if I were you!

    I'd do another one tomorrow or day after as your HCG hormone doubles every 46 hours for peace of mind - it's nice to see a big strong line!


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