I think I can feel my baby!!

Oh my gosh I'm so excited! I'm sat at my desk at work eating my lunch (I'm in the office on my own today) and I've just become aware of a strange bubbly sensation in my tummy!! It's been going on for about 10 minutes now and I'm sure it must be baby! This is the first time I've felt anything like this - tell me I'm not going mad and it could be my baby?! Can eating stimulate movement? I'm so excited I've just tried phoning my hubby to tell him but his phone's going to voicemail - grrrrr!

Serena xxxx



  • Hi Serena it definately sounds like baby! I normally find my little one is more active after I have eaten or had something sweet especially a can of coke!

    It is a beautiful feeling though isnt it! You will also notice it more now when you relax, I have it when I am settled down for the evening and wanting to sleep!

  • yeah i reckon it is,, i used to think it felt like bubbles popping !!!
    i used to find if i ate or drank something cold like ice water or ice cream i could feel it more although now at 31+4 he doesnt stop!!!
  • Congrats, on ur first movements. U will notice it so much more now especially as u progress and those lil flutterings turn into full blown kicks, ha ha ha, then it wnt be cute, lol Kerry xxx

  • Hi Serena
    It sounds like it to me!! Its such a great feeling, brings it into reality!! Yeah, certain foods & drinks can "encourage" movement!! Mine quite likes bananas (or maybe that should be dislike)!!
    Sarah xx
  • AMAZING! It's exactly like bubbles popping! I'm feeling really emotional, what a softie!! I can't believe I'm feeling my baby moving for the first time - it's a wonderful feeling! Thank you xxxx
  • welcome to the world of baby movements - they are great and always bring a smile to the face even if the little b.... mega lets rip at your sides with his kicks
  • I can't wait dottie_pottie! xxxx
  • can anyone tell me when is the earliest u may feel movement?? i am nearly 13 weeks, just wondering how much longer b4 i might feel something? xx
  • If it's your first baby they say anytime from 16 weeks, although 20 weeks is more common. But there are some people on here who've felt movements a lot earlier even with their first baby. I've really been looking out for the signs for the last couple of weeks, bubbling, butterflies etc. but it's only today that I've felt baby for the first time and I'm 18+1 xxxx
  • thanks guys. yeh this is my first! xx
  • hi i felt joseph move at about 13 weeks but thats very early i know that was a bubbly feeling but not proper movements until about 20 weeks. its so so special i cant wait to do it again xxx
  • awh that's lovely i'm delighted for you! there's nothing nicer than feeling you LO moving for the 1st! xo
  • OMG!!!! Ive felt like bubbles been popping inside my tum but just thought it was gas!! Coz seems to happen only when i have a very full bladder. Ive put it down to gas, but was confused coz didnt come from other end it was just above my pubic bone, and only way i described it was bubbles popping inside, hubby even felt it.

    This is my first baby and i'll be 17wks tom, but started feeling this last weekend.

    So would you guys say it was baby moving and not gas?
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