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I'm probably stressing over something really silly. but i'd like to get it off my chest!

i'm having issues about letting my lo go even before he's here yet. The thing is i'm happy for him to go to my mums- as she is really clean, she would make anthea turner look bad! But i dont want him going to my in laws house- the reason being is they are so dirty! The house is thick with dust, dirt and grime. In the 4 yrs i've been with my oh, i have never know his mum to clean,

when i was there on saturday my neice dropped loads of food on the floor- they just let her pick it up off the dirty carpet and carry on eating it! my sil is no better, she changes her dd nappy and then just throws it in the direction of the bin (not even in a nappy bag) its so disgusting! The kids have always got dinner medals and food round there faces- which i think is unfair to them (who wants dried dinner round there face all day!)

my mil keeps telling me i'm going to give my baby issues because i want to keep him clean. apparently i'll give him an ocd because i said i'll always have wet wipes on hand!!!

Grrr... sorry for the rant ladies!!!


  • I completely understand and feel a little like this with my own mum. I know a little dust and dirt doesnt do any harm, in fact I believe it helps to build an immune system. However my mum is so un-tidy. She's not necessarily dirty, her kitchen is cleaned regulary but dusting is not done every week, and neither is hoovering in every room. The problem is more clutter. My only saving grace is that by the time my lo starts to crawl and toddle my mum would have retired and hopefully will spend more time on her house.

  • I'm ok with a bit of dust.... i have a dog and he causes dust. But there dirty.... i used to have my mail delivered to my oh house they sent it round last time with mouse bits in it! i was nearly sick!!

    there reaction was oh never mind!!!

    I'm not going to stress about it though- i'll deal with it come february!

  • Don't even get me started on MIL's! I kinda have the opposite problem. My MIL is over clean, she leaves bleach laying around open. She bleaches out her cups which i think is just wrong. She always has cleaning products up her arms and all over her, she even covered me in sink cleaner the other day. They both smoke and cook really fatty food and the house stinks! I always know when oh has been there as he stinks of cooked chips and fags! She is going to be one of them mils that does not listen to what you want for your child i just know it! Good luck i totally sympathise (sp) I don't want my baby round there at all.

    15 weeks
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