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Pins & needles

Having had an almost symptom-free first pregnancy I seem to be getting all sorts this time round :roll:

Latest thing is pins and needles in my hands when I wake up in the morning, or if I just doze off for 10 mins, and sometimes so strong it wakes me in the night. I don't think I'm lying on them funny, and I don't have them up above my head or anything random like that. I'm about 10 weeks I think.

Anyone else get this? What causes it, and is there anything I can do about it?


  • hun its carpel tunnel syndrome, ask your mw about it but apart from hang your hands over the edge of the bed etc there isnt much to be done, splints at night can also help but they normally only give you these when you are waiting to get the cartilage out and not normally for pregnancy as the syntoms should go away after the birth. I have it all the time and im waiting for the operation to remove the cartilage [sp?] im sorry i cant help more but your mw might be fit to help out with more advice. xxx
  • Ooh thanks Diane. I thought CT only occurred in 3rd tri, not sure why! I can't seem to find anything which explains what causes it. Does it only happen at night? It's the only time I've noticed it.
  • it is the cartilage tightning in on your wrist, that is why they give you splints for your wrists to keep them straight to help the blood flow easier, it happens me all the time but night is much worse and i hardly ever use my splints now, i find it easier to let my hands hang over the side of the bed and turn around ever hour or so, im sorry there isnt a cure for it and its a pain in the arse, i once was told to put my hands above my head if they were bad and it does actually work but in the middle of the night it is not convinent so as i say i hang them over. sorry cant help it go away, as i said though your mw might refer you to an ot to get splints as you still have 7 months of pregnancy left and thats a long to to suffer. xxx
  • i get this all the time, not as bad, but I sleep like a folded up thing and then I just dont move for ages, which explains mine. I think its just because your blood struggles to get around your body as successfully as usual......Im sure your mw may have some suggestions...let me know what she says x x
  • i had this with my last pregnancy but they gave me splints to wear at night. They do help so ask for them.xx
  • Ok, will keep you updated with what midwife says. Thanks for the advice.

    Splints sound weird - like I have to strap a stick of wood to my wrists before I go to sleep! :lol:
  • LOL PTB they are more advanced than wood now but still as uncomfortable!!! LOL Hope you get some ease soon. x
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