I am 7 and a half weeks pregnant. I was getting cramps a couple of weeks ago that felt like period pains, which from what I could gather was fairly normal. Now I tend tp get a cramp when I pee. It's quite low down or sometimes to the side a bit (its definitely not ectopic, I've been scanned) and feels kind of different to before - like an actual cramp, like a cramp you'd get doing sports! `I'm not sure what this is down to. Any ideas?

Also, does anyone else worry about having a lack of symptoms?! Apart from slightly sore boobs, I'm not really ticking any other boxes. No sickness or cravings. I do have to get up every single night to pee though.


  • Hey chick - I'm only about 3-4 weeks pg and apart from, as you say, slightly sore boobs and a bit of nausea (which to be fair could just be the excitement of finding out I was pg!) I've had nothing yet either - I'm sure its not anything to worry about you're still very early and if you've been scanned already and everything looked fine then just relax and enjoy the fact that you are not puking up... yet! Xxx
  • Hey.
    I had cramps but nothing else. Was constantly worrying (and still do) as I felt fine. I'm sure all is fine, think yourself one of the lucky ones! I felt nauseous around 7-10 weeks but no sickness. I am now 21 weeks and the worrying doesn't stop! Try to enjoy it and just remember how much everything is stretching and growing inside you. I used to get it all the time when I weed and still do ocassionally! All these bizarre things that we have to contend with. Good luck. xx
  • These discussion boards are so helpful! Thanks for your replies. xx
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