personal question, but please read.x

Hi girlies
Bit personal I know but wanted others opinions and experiences.
Im 20+3 wks, and the further I get into the pregnancy the more im having problems producing enough 'lubricant/juices' when wanting to have fun with hubby (sorry if tmi)
I want the fun and in the mood, but just taking forever to 'be ready' for hubby.
Im thinking it must be something to do with hormonal changes, but its frustrating me, and my hubby i think... dont wanna go down the artificial lub route, as never had to before..... the joys of pregnancy ehhh
Just wondered if anyone else has experienced this, and if it went on till had baby????
Sorry its a bit personal, but not the sort of question I would normally talk about, but know you girls are always around to help.
caz xx



  • I heard that eating healthily and getting loads of fluids did help things down there, although I'm not sure. Also artificial lubricant isn't that bad, I mean the ky jelly stuff is a bit clinical but you can get all kinds, flavoured, warming, whatever! x
  • Im not pregnant yet but occasionally had this problem when on the pill so i always assumed it was hormonal then. I would suggest using lubricant we have and its not too bad, just watch out if you use the mint one from ann summers cos that is chilly on the.... well you get the point!!!
  • Hi, I'd go with lube. You can get all different kinds these days. It doesn't have to be clinical you can make it part of the experience. We use it sometimes and my oh seems to enjoy it. Good luck and have fun!! (Isn't that the name of the game?) xxxxxx
  • Hi i had the same problem for about 4 months till lo came was horrible for dh cos he thought it was him for abit not being able to "please me" we went the lube route as it was the only way we were going to have fun like the others have said theres loads out there we used the warming one which was nice just don't get the minty one burns like hell! have fun hope your ok how cold has it been in the north east today! xo
  • i could only suggest the lube, i dont have this problem so not that much help to you , as me and my boyfriend havent had any sex since i found out i was pregnant, hope your problem sorts out for you soon xx

  • yes cloco, it was freezing today, hope it warmer tomoz.

    Thanks for the advise from you all.. looks like i'll have to find lube.. never bought it in my life, only baby oil lol.

    Hi Nikki Im not at it all the time, but i couldnt have got to 19 weeks without it!! Unless there were medical reasons? Hope you manage to have some fun again soon hun.

    thanks again to the rest of you
    caz xx

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  • well hes getting some sort of plesure off me but im just not intrested at the min, my sex drive goes right out the window when im pregnant it soon comes back tho after so im counting the daus to when i get my mojo back lol,

  • Honestly its not that bad & like you say if you want to have fun you have to do something! looked at the weather dosn't look like its going to be nice,we went to Durham yeaturday it was freezing & packed everyone doing their chrimbo shopping hope your ok xo
  • i can imagine durham would have been busy, I went to tesco for petrol and took twice as long as usual, traffic was terrible. Think I might get into durham during week, less hectic, i have all the kids toys sorted, just rest of family to buy for. Started buying for baby boy bump too.. he hasnt got a name yet, thats a tricky one ha ha
    hopr your ok too hun
    caz xx
  • i'm fine thanks we have all of Grace's toys bet she won't even look at them just the shiny paper! i have togo to the metrocentre sometime this week dh birthday next sun & everyone who i talk to says eeeeh its heaving don't go! great just what i need to hear.
    when are you due again?
    jan xo
  • Im sure the metro will be quieter during week, and the earlier in the day the better i think... i havnt been hru for a few weeks, but aparantly weekends are a mare at the min. Im due 3rd april, but will have him by c-section in the last 2 weeks of march. Get a date for it at next consultant appointment. My DH works away lots, so will be glad to have a set date so he can plan a day off work. would hate him to miss the birth.
    caz x
  • plan is to go as early as poss as long as Grace is playing the same game as me! Are you having him at Durham? Not too long to go once chrimbo is over xo
  • Going back to the lube situation - ann summers slide 'n' ride is a goodie that i can recommend!
  • thanks oldermum.. i'll remember that one.

    Yes jan, im having him at durham.. 1st time there, so not sure how it works with them. I had my last 2 at hartlepool and they only did planned c-sections on certain days, and i knew where i would be on the wards etc.. but apart from my scans at durham i havnt seen any rooms or wards etc, so gonna ask midwife next week if they do ward visits before birth? x
  • Hi Caz i had Grace at Durham & they were fab,We went on a visit 1st & they showed all the rooms including the room were you have the sections also the wards i really couldn't fault them,we went into hospital at 8.00 midwives had a chat with us about what things we wanted such as if dh was coming in,what happens all through the birth & after,once they put the catheta in i went into labour & with being my 1st it was scary but they were fab & kepted me & hubby informed so i would recommend them xo
  • Just to add another method- cheap man's lube! Sounds a bit disgusting but means that 1. you dont have to go buy anything and 2. you dont need to waste time hunting for lube when you'd rather be getting on with it. How about the good old spittle method? Man spits on hand and uses that as lube? Works better in my opinion as its much more natural and is not cold like KY! It might sound minging but it keeps you in the moment and stops that awkward 10 min fumble in the cupboard for the lube!

    Please don't laugh or say I'm minging! It does work image
  • diverting back to the mentioned you would prefer not to use lub have you tried using yours/partners saliva (sorry tmi). Sounds strange i know but its a natural form of lubricant image xxx
  • Nicospoon...tis true...sry your post wasnt around when i first typed took me about 15mins to realise it hadnt actually been posted! its better than the borught stuff in my opinion!
  • I'm just glad I'm not the only one! :lol:
  • OH god you are making me so homesick...I live in Middle East but am from North East (middlesbrough) I miss the xmas build up so much. Wish I could go shopping in Durham. I think shopping vouchers out this week so thats why busy.
    On subject I opposite...way too much of the stuff! Dont even want it as cant be bothered with sex when pregnant as just too tired!!!
    Think your man needs to journey south!!!!! and get you lubricated that way!
    good luck and tell OH he lucky man that his wife still wants a shag
    d x
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