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  • Hi ladies

    I'm probably being really thick now(!), but how do you get your scan picture on here as your avatar??

    Serena xxxx

  • Oh good luck with your scan next week Misty. It's an amazing experience! Yes we have a scanner at home too, but I've never used it!! Fingers crossed someone can help us out! xxxx
  • Hiya

    If you scan in your pic onto your pC as a J.peg image & go into your profile (top left of screen) it will let you upload your pic from there xx
  • hi i took a photo of my scan pic with my mobile phone and then saved it on computer that way, hope that helps!
  • Thanks ladies. I'll try the scanner tonight. Couldn't get on the pc last night, hubby was hogging it!! But I hadn't thought of taking a piccie on my mobile - thanks! xxxx
  • ARGH!!!! I've scanned pic but it's saying the image is too large - how do I make it smaller?? xx
  • How do u get tht chart at the bottom of ur msg Swillo?I cldnt get it 2 work thanx
  • Hi Laurac. You need to use the code that says UBB or BBCode - it should work then! xxxx

    Hi Zoey - I've made the pic really small to look at but it's saying it's still too large - it must be the pixel size?!?! I have no idea.....! xxxx
  • Thanks Zoey, but I've done it! Yay!!!! Went to 'My Pictures' and it allowed me to scan the picture in from there - and it saved automatically as a .jpeg image. Job done!!!! xxxx
  • Thanks honey. They all look so cute, don't they? xxxx

  • It is really clear. Maybe it's because it was a nuchal scan? I'm not sure. I was only 12+1 at the time! xxxx

  • oh well done, cute pic too - how exiting xx
  • Thanks coxley! I think it's cute but then I am biased!! Yours is amazing!! So gorgeous! xxxx
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