booked our 4D scan

yey i am so excited! all booked for Monday 20th October @ 6:45pm. I cant wait to see smurf again its been so long since we saw her and my 20 week scan was rubbish as she wasnt co-operating, hopefully this time she'll be a good girl so we can see her face and we can triple check she is a girl before we paint the nursery!
roll on 2 weeks!!


  • awww thats great babe so happy for you
    i loved having my 4D scan x
  • Aww fab! I had mine done on Monday and it was the most amazing thing ive ever seen!! U will love it!
    How many weeks will you be? I was 24 weeks and got really good pics and dvd of her.
    Sharon x

  • i'll be 28 weeks when we have it. babybond said best time is between 25-28 weeks before baby gets too big!
    i cant wait to see her little face, i think i'll cry tho! xxxx
  • It is very emotional, i get stingy eyes and a lump in my throat everytime i watch her, she sucks her thumb in the dvd and rubs her eyes like shes tired, sooo cute. She really looks like me aswell, woohoo! hehe

    Its the songs hubby picked that make it so emotional, he picked the theme tune to romeo and juliet, elton john- can you feel the love and dj sammy -heaven. Its soo nice, i watched the dvd 6 times yesterday and im fascinated everytime lol

    Have fun x
    Sharon x

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