Have my scan tomorrow :-0

Woo hoo, one more sleeps and my scan will be here. It's at 11:15 and i am off work all day tomorrow. I will go to the scan if everything is all good and how it should be we will be popping over the Lakeside to buy a little something of the baby an outfit or something and then onto Next and New Look to see about getting me some mat clothes for work as I really need them and then onto both sets of parents to show then the pictures.

I really hope that we get some good pictures image

K xx



  • Ohh exciting!!

    Im sure itll be all fab image

    Good luck!

    Sharon x

  • Thank you, I am so scared but that wont really go till after the scan I am sure. I know there is a heart beat as I have a Doppler but I just want to make sure it;s as big as it should be and all is growing as it is meant to. The fact I am showing a little show tell me that LOL

    K xx

  • good luck! hope everything goes really well!

    ashy 4+6
  • Good Luck K. Hope all is well.

  • Oh you lucky thing I would love another scan, I need to wait until the end of Feb to get my gender scan!

    Cant wait to hear how it went and see your pics

  • ME TOO, ME TOO!!!

    Good Luck K-Lou!!!!
    Mine is at 9.30am and like you we are going to buy a little something for bean if all is well.
    I've just been looking on ebay for a few maternity dresses and gonna have a look round tom.
    Hubby has been given the full day off which was nice of his school as they didn't have to so then we'll be showing the pics to grandparents and then i might put it on facebook!!
    Looking forward to comparing pics with you as I think Im two weeks behind you - I just hope they dont say im even less along than we think!!!

  • Thats come round quickly, best wishes and good luck.


  • Good luck babes I cant wait to see the pics



  • Good luck K-Lou
  • Wow by this time tomorrow you'll have seen your baby again and have some lovely pics to treasure too! Good luck K x
  • How exciting!! Sounds like you have a lovely day planned. Hope it all goes well. Can't wait to see your pics xxx
  • Thank you girls I have gone into worry mode again ow, freaking out something will be wrong and all my dreams will be gone. Somebody slap me!! Might use the Doppler this evening just to make myself feel better.

    Mrs N good luck to you as well how are you feling about it?

    K xx
  • K-Lou im feeling exactly the same.
    Im so worried that my baby will not be there or somethng will be wrong. the fact Ive seen the heartbeat twice doesn't make up for it either.
    I just want 9.30 to get here now!!

    Hope it goes well hun xxxx
  • good luck!! looking forward to seeing your pics xx
  • yay good luck!! can't wait to hear all about it tomorrow!!!xxxx
    carly 28 weeks
  • Good luck tomorrow hun!!!!!! Try and get a good nights sleep and relax!!!

    i will be checking on here all day tomorrow for pics image xxxxx
  • Thank you girls, hubby keeps texting and emailing me he is so excited bless him LOL

    k XX
  • good luck tomorrow hun eeeeeeeeeee how exciting. my sister in law has a doppler im tempted to ask if we can borrow it? xx
  • Good luck tomorrow you must be so excited can't wait to see your pictures image x
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