Maxi Cosi Cabriofix Car Seat

Which colour have you gone for?? I can't make up my mind between Black Reflection and Deep Red. We've got the Quinny Buzz in Strawberry so wondering if a red car seat might be a bit too much!! Should I play safe and get the black one?? Your opinions, please! - black one! - red one!



  • Hi swillo I would personally go for the black! U can always jazz it up with a blanket. My travel system is all black even the metal work on it.
    Tammi xxx

  • we have the quinny buzz and it is fab it is so easy to use and folds up so compact. just thought id let you know as we ummed and ahhed over it
  • Hi we've got the quinny buzz 4 wheeler in black and went for the car seat in black reflection. We've got a lovely blanket from mamas and papas in red from their gingerbread range. It looks lovely. I thought black because whatever baby was wearing would go with the black car seat lol!
  • well we are having our first girl after 2 boys so we have gone for it in lilly pink, witht the maxi cosi mura pushchair in flamingo slice ha ha lets hope the scan wasnt wrong coz we're in trouble if this one comes out with a little surprise between its legs! XX
  • Thanks everyone. Looks like the black one is the favourite. but I do love the red one! I love bright colours which is one of the reasons why we went for the quinny buzz in red, but I do take your point about colours clashing jellyfishpink! If I have a girl it's not going to look very good if she's wearing a pink outfit, is it? Ha ha! I love the gingerbread nursery range from mamas and papas. We were looking at it at the weekend!

    I wish I could see the red car seat in the flesh, so to speak. All of the shops just seem to stock the black ones as I guess they're more popular. Seems I will have to do some more thinking. Hubby just says 'get what you want'!! Grrrr!!


  • I like them both - but if pushed red is funkier!

    We're going to get one of these in Happy Flower design.

    Also the isofix base - seen them cheaper at and another website when googled. chelle

  • Is there anywhere you can look at the seats 'in the flesh' to see the shade of red? Know what you mean about pink and red, we have just ordered the Phil and Ted sports buggy in red and it did cross my mind that if we have a girl she will have alot of pink stuff! I like bright colours though and thought I'll be easy to spot with a red buggy!LOL!

  • I agree, the red is funkier, and we have got a red pram, after all!! I am swaying towards the red one! Thanks for the tip about - I'll take a look!

    I can't seem to find the red one in any shops Tubbs. I wonder if I could order it and send it back if I didn't like it?! What do you think? Good on you for going for a red buggy. We're having a summer baby and I couldn't bring myself to buy a black pram. I wanted something bright and colourful! You're right - we'll definitely be easy to spot!! xxxx

  • hia hun,we have got it in black reflection and have also got the strawberry n orange buzz,both car seats r nice but if u had the black it could be used again if u have any more babies in future,i also thought it wud b a nice change if i use the car seat on the frame its a different coulour than when i have the bright seat on but entirely your choice xxx
  • That's a very good way of looking at it, I hadn't thought of that hollysmum+bump! Thank you! I think I probably will go for the car seat in black reflection! Thanks xxxx
  • Hey love

    I got the maxi cosi black. Most of the things we bought our little one we have kept to lessloud and navy blue is best we found so far.


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