Blood in Urine

Hi Girls

Anyone help - I had a bout of food poisonning over the weekend and it has cleared up but just now been to the toilet and found lots of blood in my urine - I am not Bleeding have double and treble checked that and at the moment have no pain- have an appointment on Wednesday with my mid-wife - I'm trying not to worry but its so hard.

Anyone else had blood in there urine - could it be a urine infection??

Thanks Allison 26 weeks.


  • Ive never seen any but everytime I go for a midwife app there is always pluses of blood in my urine most of the time they ignore it but Ive had antibiotics once for an infection I would get it checked out if I were you
  • heya,i suffer from kidney problems and recurrent water infections. at their worst i do noticeblood in my wee, but it is extremelypainful, like peeing a needle! if u had food poisoning does that mean u had diarrhoea, if so then it is likely u could have a water infection as bacteria passes up the urethra really easily. i always been told to make sure u wear 100% cotton knickers and be careful when ur wiping maiking sure its front to back. sorry tmi lol
    hope all clears up for you and that this is of any help!
    holly xx

    ps deffo go docs
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