Creme Brulee

Hi Everyone

Last night I ate a tiny creme brulee, about the size of the rim of a can of pop about 1cm deep, is there a big risk, I just didn't think about what I was eating and now really worried am I being silly.

Allison x:\?


  • I think you will be fine chick xxx
  • Thanks Baby devil - just being a bit neurotic me thinks... xx

    Allison image xx
  • Thanks Baby devil - just being a bit neurotic me thinks... xx

    Allison image xx
  • You'll be fine sweet,
    You'd have to be VERY unlucky for any food we are told to avoid to have any affect at all, its all just precautionary. Last week my midwife told me not to eat mayonnaise and tiramisu, both of which i had eaten the day before without knowing - whoops!! Isn't it typical that its the things we are allowed that we crave!! x
  • yeh hun don't beat yourself up about it i'm sure nothing will come of it. im 39weeks now and havn't avoided absolutely everything they tell us to. image
  • jamtart were you really told to avoid mayonaise?? Ive ALWAYS been told the kind you buy from shops are ok as they use pasturised eggs! Why were you told to avoid tiramisu? Its mascaponi cheese thats used which is completely safe and there are no raw eggs in it! I am honestly starting to wonder where some mw's do their traning!
  • If the creme brulee was the sort that comes in a little glass dish from the shop then that is fine as well as they use pasturised eggs same as in shop bought mayonaise. It's only the home made stuff that could be a problem as it has raw untreated eggs in it.
  • hi, im a qualified chef, experienced in preapring and serving creme brulee... honestly u hav nothing to worry about as the egg custard base is fully cooked bain marie style, so the eggs dont curdle. so dont worry about it!! on the topic of the mayonaise, i was told that the shop bought mayonaise is fine... the mayonaise that is homemade is the problem, as the eggs arent cooked (pastuerised). i was showing my students how to make hollandise sauce and i was testing it while making it, i forgot about the raw eggs in it, hope this helps you.
  • Hi,
    Yeah, she told me no mayonnaise, prawns and fresh cream(!) and especially Tiramusu, i guess to do with the cream? But, the book they gave me with the free stuff said shop bought mayonnaise is fine so i agree with all the advice on here about that. I think midwives sometimes want to cover themselves which is understandable in this age of suing but i agree its all a bit extreme. Thanks for clearing this up Jellybaby, always good to have a professional's advice! I wasn't giving up shop bought mayo or prawns anyway and reckon as long as you are careful about soft cheese, pate etc then most things are ok x
  • Cream is fairly good during pregnancy I thought - isn't all dairy? With regards to prawns - only raw ones, so if you fancy a prawn cocktail or something just ask if the prawns are cooked. Mayo - shop bought is fine - just check the label says pasturised egg. Most cheese is also ok, just watch out for mould ripened and blue veined cheeses in particular. Pate is the definite no no - don't think there are any grey areas when it comes to pate.
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