7 Days to go

Hi some of you may have seen my post in June 08 but I have just got back from Birmingham for my Grans funeral. I have to go into hospital a week today for my section on Monday. Sooooo excited but really starting to panic. Have everything i need (i think) but it is all still in bags and boxes. Feel so unorganised and sooooooo huge i can hardly bend so finding everything a real struggle not to mention the fact i have no energy. So worried about how i will cope. You would think I would know what to expect with this being our 4th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Wow, how exciting for u. Sorry to hear about ur gran and i know wat u mean about this whether i to have no energy and im really big and finding it hard and iv got just over seven weeks left, ahh! Just try and sort things out a bit at a time so u dnt over do it, and maybe do it in the evenings wen hopefully it shud be a little cooler, although its just stuffy 24hrs a day here. Gud luck anyway hope all goes well. Kerry xxx

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