Fumes made me dizzy

Hello again!!

Was cleaning the whiteboard at work yesterday trying to get off permanent marker. Discovered after doing a google search that anything with alcohol in does the trick. Anyway for about 10 mins i was scrubbing away using alcohol hand cleaning gel and started to feel very light headed from the smell.

Have i done any damage do you think?? I'm such an idiot and about 4 weeks!



  • Hi Julie

    I wouldn't worry about it too much, i did the same when i was about 12 weeks pregnant and gassed myself with oven cleaner after hubby had been scrubbing away, ended up ringing NHS Direct who said that unless you experience any vomiting or extreme headaches the chances are everything is fine as it would have to pass the placenta to effect the baby.

    x x
  • shouldn't think there is anythign to worry about - it's just alchol fumes! if you are really worried check with someone professional. You will find that different smells all start doing funny things to you!
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