Symptoms for boy or girl - just a bit of fun!

Hi ladies
I thought it might be a bit of a fun to say the sorts of symptoms/signs that come from being pregnant with a boy or a girl as often people seem to have the same sorts of things.

Well, I don't know what I'm having but so far i've noticed my belly has been a lot more hairy than usual and I think I'm carrying extra weight on my sides as well as on my bump at the front which I know people tend to say happens more with a girl. Got my 20 scan tomorrow and think we're still having a surprise but will be interesting to see when we do find out. Everyone I know has predicted a girl so far!

What are your signs and do you know what you're having?



  • Oooh I loved all the guessing before we found out!!
    My symptoms were:
    Hairy belly (eurgh!)
    Carrying weight all round
    No morning sickness
    Not looking particularly great - still waiting for the elusive 'glow'
    Craving fruit / anything sweet

    I'm having a girl image

  • with my daughter i carried all out front
    craved loads of sweet things to eat
    no morning sickness
    brezzed through pregnancy really

    this time i had awful morning sickness
    only small bump but seems to be abit more all round
    all i want to eat is carbs, mainly roast potatoes
    and feel really tired still even though im 17 weeks!
    we find out sex in 3 weeks hopefully!
  • Im having a little girl and im carrying in the front maybe a little on the sides. Terrible morning sickness from the moment of conception..... urgh poor me!..... craving sweet things also! As of yet no pregnancy glow, in fact i feel really minging, went through a phase of dry skin on my face. Painful breasts..... lol pregnancy is not fun!!!!
  • Im having a little girl, still getting a bit of morning sickness but never had it bad.
    I have a tiny bump, and am spreading a bit on the sides.
    Baby is really active and wriggly first thing in the morning and then last thing at night and for a couple of hours in between.
    Bad heartburn.
    Craving mostly sweet things and fruit.
  • I never got morning sickness, I had a hairy belly and I got love handles and quite a high stomach. I had a boy .......... I craved orange juice badly x
  • With DD had no symptons at all, craved chocolate and fatty foods and put on weight all around.

    This time had morning sickness and most other symptoms you can think of, crave fruit and all things healthy and bump all up front.

    I'm 17 weeks so 3 weeks until we can hopefully find out, just have a feeling it's a boy though. Had a feeling it was a girl first time round and I was right so who knows.

    hadn't considered myself to be extra hairy but now come to think of it do have to shave legs more often and my head hair is groeing faster too.
  • ooh im so excited!!! i craved savoury foods with dd1 and was all bump to the front - had a gorgeous baby boy.

    this time round ive put a lot more weight on my hips, bum and thighs, craving sweet foods (esp icecream! maybe explains the massive ass!! ha) and bump is a lot smaller. maybe its a girl eeee!

    k x 38+3
  • I've got a lovely bump out front, nowhere else
    Craving sweet things & ice lollies (mmmmm)
    No symptoms what so ever (apart from tiredness in the beginning)
    Feeling fab so far & having a BOY! xx
  • Allah knows very well everything....We just imagin dudes.


  • My first baby i never had morning sickness carried most of the weight at the front but i was huge lol never had the hairy belly always looked and felt great had loads of energy and i didnt want to know the sex of the baby labour day came and i had a beautiful baby boy ???

    This pregnancy well what can i say lol i feel like rubbish 24/7 the morning sickness is out of this world im starting to look like a hairy monkey (my belly lol) i have to shave every couple of days my hair is greasy as ever lol my belly is all over the place (the sides and front) im tired all day every day i cant stand most foods and im just a total grump lol so i wonder what sex this baby is going to be this time but i suppose every pregnancy is different image and to top it off im only 9 weeks & 2 days im all over the place lol

    Happy pregnancies girls hehe xx
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