man flu !!!!

i have just come down with serious man flu !!!

running nose

is it safe to take anything??? im 32 weeks but dont want to take pills and potions if harmfull anyone got any suggestions???


  • I have had the man flu recently too and I found I got over it alot quicker without taking anything, it ended up only lasting about 4 days whereas when I wasn't pg I would take all kinds of stuff and it would go on for weeks.
    A warm bath with essential oils unblocked my nose and lots of chocolate made me feel better lol.

    I hope this helps

  • ohhhh I forgot to say I also had lemon and honey in hot water to drink which was yummy and made me feel less fluey

  • hi jema, when I had a cough found that vicks vapour rub really helped, especially at night!
    Tammi 24+2
  • honey lemon and hot water with plenty of vit c, thats what I took.
    hope you feel better soon
  • thanks girlys lol just fell asleep with laptop on lap !!!
    lol tryed the vix last night through the night and took some paracetomol but dont really like taking medicinenat moment cos of lo so ill try the honey lemon!
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