constant nausea taking over my life!!

hi everyone, i feel so bad, for the last 3 weeks i havent been able to go anywhere or have a normal life because i feel so sick all the time and am prone to being sick very suddenly at any moment. i am actually scared to go anywhere! fortunately i gave up work just before finding out i was preg, so i can be at home. has anyone got any tips? i have tried ginger biscuits, doesnt help. i dont feel sick as soon as i wake up and as long as i have cereal very soon after waking i am ok in the mroning, its just later on for the whole day. whether i eat or dont eat, even if i eat small portions!the only thing that seems to help a little is drinking milk, as i think it must line my stomach and fills it a bit without filling me too much. please help anyone, i am only about 8 weeks and have a feeling this aint going away anytime soon!has anyone even had any medcation for sickness, and is this safe?


  • i used the sickness bands from boots,i found they helped a lot, though the kids spent a lot of time singing the 118 118 advert and said i just needed the matching headband,lol

    hope u start feeling better soon hun. xx
  • hi lauragcam i had 22 weeks of sickness & to be honest nothing worked i had ginger snaps everywhere,i tried the sickness bands people came up with all sorts of remedys & nothing worked i used to carry nappy sacks & wipes round with me all the time, if it is really bad there are some tablets you can get from drs to stop the sickness but not sure what there called,hope you feel better soon xo
  • Hi Laura

    i had sickness from week 6 to 16 and found that pregnacare multiviamins helped more than anything else and drinking lots of water helps settle your stomach too.

    Hope you feel better soon x
  • Poor you, I feel very very sorry for you! I was v. sick in both my pregnancies and both times had to in to hospital on drip for a while. Nothing really helped me but the medication I got from the dr took the edge of it slightly - enough so I could function from day to day. People have told me that seabands are very good, although they didn't work for me - they are worth a try. Keep drinking loads of water throughout the day as well. hope it eases soon. xx
  • I hope you feel better soon I had and am still getting sickness regularly i am nearly 23 weeks now I just read an article about hyperemesis which is the extreme form of morning sickness I have had a one night stay at the local hospital for this with a drip I don't think it has gone away I heard a few people were still getting morning sickness up to about 22 weeks but most peoples stop about 10-12 weeks. ( Hope you are lucky) If you find you can't keep anything down at all not even water then You may need to be admitted for dehydration( your gp will test your urine for ketones). Your gp can also give you antisickness tablets you just have to ask. I have managed without them for a good few weeks now. Although i do still feel sick everyday i have stopped being sick ( lot's of retching though sorry TMI!!!!!)

    It does help trying to eat something rather than nothing at all though definately.

    Lot's of morning sickness does lead to healthy babies i read in an article And i have also read that even though some people have been sick all the way through it's all worth it in the end to see the little bundle of joy.

    Good luck.

    Sea bands didn't work for me either.
  • hi! i had sickness really bad and was on medication untill i was 26 wks, hopefully you will be lucky and it will go around 10-12 wks as this is normal. unfortunatly nothing seemed to work for me, although i found if i snacked on dry biscuits and fruit then the sickness wouldnt be so bad.
    hope everything goes well for you!

    hannah 38+2 xx
  • Hey, awww it's horrible isn't it?! I really hope you will feel better soon. If it helps my nausea was worst around 6-9 weeks, I was sick most mornings, and then it started improving, I'm 12 weeks now and I've only been sick twice this week so *fingers crossed* it's on the move and will be for you soon!

    What helped for me was eating before I had anything to drink (otherwise the drink would come bk up!), and eating dry things like toast and very plain food for tea like baked beans! Also it did help to get up early and do something, rather than sitting around feeling dodgy and just waiting to be sick dreading it! And making sure there is a toilet there when you go out.

    But yours sounds worse than mine, I was only really sick in the mornings. I would see a doctor cos they can prescribe anti-emetics (I think thats it) so you can keep a bit more down and don't become dehydrated. Remember to have lots of fluids, I know it's hard tho.

    Good luck! xxx
  • I would certainly recommend going to see your GP.
    I am now 37+3 weeks and from week 6 i have suffered from constant nausea and sickness. I got taken into hospital at week 10 and it was discovered i had lost 2 stone in 4 weeks so the drs were concerned. I was put on a drip and given medication. I am still on this medication and it is traditionally used for cancer treatment, very new onto the pregnancy market apparently. I had to have my dose doubled around 25 weeks as my body was getting immune to it.
    I had the very severe case apparently and hopefully urs will die down soon but do see ur dr.
    I found that drinks lucozade and full fat coke helped me. I was worried about the amount of sugar/caffine etc but drs said it was fine if it was making me feel better.
    I was really worried that it would affect my baby and his size but i am now measuring 4 weeks ahead and will most likely be induced before i turn 39 weeks! Tyr not to worry to much there is light at the end of the tunnel!!
    Sorry i went on a bit there!!!
    Rach xx
  • Hiya
    Sorry to hear you are feeling rough, you have my sympathies as I experienced the same thing too. I couldn't keep anything down at all, even water. Nothing would make me fee better except being sick, and often that didn't work either. As time went on I found that I could keep down ice lollies and eventually milkshake and was up to 6 pints a day at one point.
    The Doctor gave me some medication called Buccastem which you put between your lip and gum and let it dissolve slowly. These eventually made me feel a bit better but I certainly knew about it if I was late in taking the next one!
    Talk to your GP, there are things they can prescribe and the sooner you do this the sooner you might find something that works for you.
    Good luck!
    Tracey (40+5)
  • Hi im vicky and ive written an article on hyperemesis which is on the home page of baby expert. Like you, it took over my life and unfortunately stayed prominant throughout my whole pregnancy. I included some tips in the article i hope you find some of them useful. If you have tried sea bands and they didnt work try repositioning the band as the point that requires the pressure is very specific. I know the experience is horrendous but try and keep your chin up. Good luck.x
  • I had the same for my first pregnancy - NOTHING HELPED the only advice I can give is to try and take your mind off it. I used to bathe in luke warm water, quite cool, but not too cold. This sort of gave me a shock when I got in the bath - so it immediately make my sickness better.

    Give it a try, it might just work for you too!
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