Fancy dress challenge

Hi Girls

I need some ideas as to what to wear for a fancy dress party. It is on Halloween but doesn't have to be halloween related and I would rather go as a famous person

Will be about 7 months pregnant so something to tie in with that would be great

Went as Vicky Pollard (little britain) when I was pregnant with Millie which was a good one.



  • i know its not very original but what about pumpkins? xx

    this is good!! lol also what about a pregnant nun lol ??

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  • were having a halloween housewarming and have just got home from the fancy dress shop! i originally wanted to be a pumpkin so bought some orange and black stripy tights from ASDA. looked on the internet for a pumkin costume but only one i could find was a blow up one! looked in some local fancy dress shops but nothing suited. anyway had a total change of idea and have just hired this long black and purple velvet dress with a black cape and this brilliant long purple curly wig! have bought some stick on vampire fangs, fake eyelashes and some white make up base and am going to go as a vampy vampire! big black eyes etc, i am so excited i love dressing up and more so the fact that its our party! roll on friday 31st!

    have you dismissed the idea of halloween related altogether? only reason i ask is that some of the halloween stuff can hide bump quite well- have you had a look in any of your local fancy dress shops- they have good ideas!!

  • Ive seen a good un on 1 of the fancydress sites of an aerobics instructor with padding so you could take that out the only thing is is shes very natural with her body hair!lol.
    Its a good un though i would opt for something like a grotbags witch remember her all you late20 early 30 somethings?Thatd be prety straightforward bu not very flattering i suppose?:lol:
  • Chloe123 nothing happened when I opened the link what was it?

    I did think about grotbags will have to look at some pics of her to remind me what she was like!

    Thanks everyone and keep them coming

  • Hey milkiemoo she had green and blck stripy tights a green curly wig black cape witches hat and green face with a couple of black teeth oh es and a wart on the end of her nose!Not very fetching but great fun:lol:
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