sleeping trouble

hi, im 18 weeks pregnant and for some odd reason, whenever i fall asleep, i always wake up on my tummy!! i have never done this before as i find it uncomfortsble as i have quite large boobs, so this hasnt been a problem before!! but ever since ive been pregnant, ive done it!! i sometimes feel quite achy afterwards. does anyone know if this is dangerous for the baby, or will i just stop when i cant anymore!!!

gracie and bump
18 weeks +1


  • I've been told sleeping on you tummy does NOT harm lilone as they are padded with enough fluid to stop any injuries and when they grow too big to be supported by fluids your too big to lie on your tummy anyways (i'm a tummy sleeper and i asked mym mom who up until she was 8months used to lie on her tummy to watch TV(she was 17))
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