Baby books - any recommendations?

Hi, i plan to breastfeed but want to get lo into a routine as quickly as possible, i wanted to buy a book to get some advice on settling baby into a good routine.

Had heard good things about Gina Ford, but on reding reveiws of the contended baby book on Amazon it seems a little harsh for me. I have also heard about How to enjoy year one by Rachel Waddilove and think this may be more my style.

Just wondering if anyone has read either of these? or plans to buy them?

Lis x


  • Hi,

    I am not planning on buying either of the two books that you mentioned but I was given Jo Frosts Confident Baby Care for xmas. I haven't read it yet but it was given some good reviews on amazon. Another one to consider or confuse you even more!! I haven't heard good things about Gina Ford though if that helps.

  • i had bought for me for christmas the baby whisperer by Tracy Hogg. She has a programme on discovery health. She is fantastic. I am going to get the contented baby book aswell to compare methods. Kelly
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