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As you probably know I was made redundant before Christmas. What happens if i get a job now? i am 26 weeks tomorrow but dont look pregnant and could get away with it. Also I have not been given a matb1 form, not sure if that is relevant. I have been signed on at a temping agency fro 5-6 weeks but not been offered anything and despretaley need some money.
Viki x


  • Hi

    I'm not sure in this situation, I think you have to work for a company at least 26 week prior to EDD. You should be able to claim something though if not maternity pay then maternity allowance. Check the government website, they should let you know. Sorry I couldn't be moew helpful.

    Good luck

    Kirsten x
  • Mrs Amanda I am only entotled to maternity allowance I am more worried that I am not getting a new job as they dont want to employ me cause I am pregnant, so was hoping I oould stay quiet whilst I get the job then tell them.
    viki x
  • thanks Mrs Amanda its what I thought anyway. Think I am getting way to stressed about money and panicking that time is running out. Probably just needed a reality check!! thanks
    Viki x x
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