please help settle some confusion

I've been to the docs today and confirmed I was 6 weeks pregnant. The first day of my last period was jan 29th, sorry if this to much info. But my partner (now ex) is arguing about the dates. We had sex on the 7th and 13th, He doesn't believe the baby is his, which I don't know why he's worrying because he doesn't eant the baby, can you tell when exactly I fell pregnant hope this makes sense.


  • If I had to guess I would say it would be more likely to be the 13th (I assume you mean Feb?).
    If the first day of your LMP was 29th Jan, the 7th Feb sounds quite soon for you to ovulate. The doc will have gone from 29th Jan which does make you 6 weeks so I would say that sounds about right. When you fall pregnant you get a "free" 1-2 weeks between the first day of your period and the day you ovulate when you are not actually pregnant but it is counted within the 40 weeks.
    Hope that helps xx
  • Hey i know it a bit confusing when they tell you your dates. When they work out the number of week you are pregnant they calculate from the first day of your last period - when in actual fact you will have conceived around 2 weeks after the first day of your last period - if he's aruguing then take him to the docs or first scan and they will tell you when conception occured. Good Luck.
    Jo xx
  • Hi there

    What month did you BD on 7th and 13th? February?

    That aside, it depends on the length of your cycles really... if you have a 'textbook' 28-day cycle, with an ovulation around CD14, then you are likely to have conceived around 11th to 14th February ISH. But if your cycles are longer, you might not ovulate on CD14...

    Do you know roughly when you ovulated?

    Sorry not to be much help!

    Congratulations, but sorry to hear your ex is being an arsehole!

  • The "6 weeks pregnant" goes from the first day of your LMP (last menstral period) not the date you conceived. You usually conceive about 2 weeks after that (so essentially you are 2 weeks pregnant at the time of conception!). So it would make sense that your little bean was conceived arround the middle of Feb (give or take a few days) which just happens to be the time that you did the deed.

    Tell him not to be such an arse!

    Hope that helps.
  • Thanks that cleared things up. Why have men always gotta make things difficult. x
  • Because they're men lol
    Jo xxxx
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