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I have been on the govt website to see if hubbie and I are entitled to either Working Tax Credit or Child Tax Credit. Sadly, we only appear to be entitled to CTC. I entered information into the "Do we qualify" box that assumed our Bean had been born last month and it came up with a figure of ??87. Is this figure payable weekly or is that all we would get for the whole year?

It seems pointless if that is an annual figure!!! :\?


  • hi i just wanted to say we get a higher rate than it said we would on that website but we only qualify for ctc as well if your income is ??16000 or over i think im right in saying you cant get working tax credits!! the sum of ??87 is most likely to be payed every 4weeks!!
    hope ive helped x
  • That may be the amount you are entitled to up to April 6th as they go by financial years. Try again after April 6th and it may give you a better idea.
  • Yeah 87 sounds like a 4 weekly figure - me and OH will probably qualify for about 90 a month


  • i did it yesterday and it said ??75 - i asked a friend who works for inland revenue and she said that figure would be until the end of this tax year then recalculated from next tax year. I was so confused - baby due in august so will just apply then.
    19 weeks
  • its rubbish as doesn't take into account drop in pay whilst on mat leave til the following year!
  • Yes I double checked and just below the figure it says

    This is the amount your household may be entitled to from 27/03/2009 until 05/04/2009. This result is only an estimate and is based on the information provided assuming you make the claim on 27/03/2009. This means the amount shown may not be your entitlement for the full year.

    So I would check again in a week or so.
  • I also had problems working out mine! I rang the helpline & she told me to calculate again after the end of the tax year! She also said on mat leave, you take ??100 a week off your wages, & use the figure to claim with.

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  • Thanks everyone. Glad I am not the only one confused!!

    I can't believe that you have to have a joint income of below ??16000 to qualify for WTC. I am sure there are loads of us on mediocre incomes who could do with some help but clearly that is never going to happen.

    Blo*dy government.....Rant over. Thanks for listening!!!
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