Heard my baby!!!

..........!! Couldn't believe it. It was defo the highlight of the midwife' visit.

The rest of it was not great.

I went to the midwife on Wednesday, to be honest I wasn't that impressed. She was the same one that did my booking in, but didn't know that, as all she had infront of her was a piece of paper with all her appoitments on for that day. So she didn't have any of my notes and she asked me 4 times how far gone I was, she didn't have any test results ( she asked me what tests I had had, and I said I don't know you took the blood! )

She then asked me had I had the test results of the triple test back..... I didn't know I had had it done!!! Didin't even know what a triple test was!! She then phoned me the next day and left a message to phone the antenatal, and left me the number for the labour ward ( which I found out by ringing it! ) They transfered me to antenatal and they said I couldn't have had the triple test, as I was too early......

.... I phoned the midwife back, and she said she had made a mistake, and meant the double test.... I had to phone the antenatal back, and they gave me the results - 1:2300, which she then went onto explain that I was very low risk for my age.( think I should be 1:400 - as I am an old bag!! ) so that it really good news.

This being my first, I have had no experience of a midwife before, but I don't think that she is that great. I am a little peeved that I had a test for Downs and didn't know I had had it, so Neil I hadn't even discussed the outcome.....

Anybody think I am over reacting??

Anyway....... main thing is my baby is doing fine!!! I heard the baby's heartbeat


  • You are right hon - that's the main thing... and I won't loose sight of that.... very lucky.

    Sam x
  • That is out of order. They discussed the test with me (mine was meant to be at 16 weeks) and I declined it...I'm in the low risk category anyway but I still didn't want it. If someone had done it and told me the results without me knowing I would feel totally pissed off tbh!

    Ah well at least your baby's doing OK, and that is a really low-risk result so must've put ur mind at rest x
  • Hi MummyClyders
    Know kinda how you feel in respect of midwife...went for my 2nd m/w appmnt yesterday & was told my original m/w had left & no-one new to replace, just a temp! However, she was v v nice.
    One of my blood test results wasn't with the other two, so dunno if my iron levels are right!!
    But, as you said it was fantastic hearing the baby's heartbeat and great knowing all is going well xx
  • Where do you ladies all stay, your experiences sound horrific. I have had everything explained, I have my notes and have had to sign declarations agreeing to go ahead with blood tests (or not depending on decisions). If you are not happy, maybe it's like asking for a second opinion from a doctor and you could ask to change mw? x
  • I have to go back to the doctors anyway as the mw wouldn't write me a prescription for Gaviscon, so I will tell her how I feel.......

    I suppose I should of looked up stuff on the internet first, and the main thing is baby is OK!!

    Sam xx
  • Sam your midwife sounds totally unprofessional (I've sent you a message on facebook too). Is there any way you can change to a different midwife? It's definitely not your responsibility to do all the research before seeing her. Her job is to keep you informed and to care for you and your baby.

    Love to you and bump!
    jo x
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