Absolutely terrified.....

I feel so stupid for feeling like this but I am so scared of something going wrong :cry:

I am 8 + 4, on Tuesday I went to see the midwife at the hospital (it's shared cared) for my booking in because I didn't know my dates she wanted to scan me.... the guy came in with the scanner, I hopped onto the bed (hubby wasn't there because he has a phobia of needles and we didnt think I would be scanned as was for dating scan tomorrow) He started to scan me but couldnt see anything and because my GP had indicated I might be further on i.e btwn 9-12 weeks he started talking about miscarriage.... then he and the midwife thought they saw something flicker but they wern't sure.... so then he was telling the midwife to book me in for an trans-vaginal scan on the gynae ward. He was so blase with me, he walked in and walked out left the midwife to scrape me off the ceiling, I was so lucky she was really really nice and said she would arrange to have me re-scanned.... I went back out and sat, drank a full litre of water in 20 minutes and then went back in to the sonographer with the bigger machine and everything was fine :\) I got a good look at the heartbeat and she was able to date me at 8 + 2. I return on the 29th for my 12 week scan.

I hadn't really thought of anything going wrong untill now, but now I can't shake off that absolutely sick feeling I felt when he couldn't see anything. Every twinge I worry, my sickness has worn off unless I let myself get hungry and now I'm panicking something is wrong.... Apart from dizziness & tiredness I feel ok. Is this normal at 8 wks? My sil had a late miscarriage at 23 weeks in Janurary reasons unknown, which is playing at the back of my mind, although I know this isn't as common as a miscarriage before 12 weeks.

Is it normal to feel so anxious? I'm trying not to think about being pregnant so if something did go wrong it might not hurt so much :cry:


  • Aw, it's only natural to worry, I was exactly the same with both mine. Sounds like you had an awful time at the hospital which can't have helped either, but it's great that you managed to see your baby and a heartbeat is a really positive sign.

    I think I know how you feel as I had an early scan with this baby cos of bleeding and was terrified it meant I'd miscarried. Thankfully things were okay but I just felt so nervous of things going wrong after that. Felt a lot better once I'd heard the heartbeat at 14 weeks and didn't worry much at all after that.

    Hopefully you'll feel a bit more reassured after your 12 week scan when things are less likely to go wrong.

    Take care,
    Lea (36+1)
  • i was really really anxious with my first i was constently thinking the worst and had some bleeding at around 7weeks which made me even worse, this time ive still been a bit worried but as ive got my 3yr old son to look after think its taken my mind off it a bit.

    alot of ppl get very anxious, think it natural for us all to worry so much, and as for the tiredness with my first pregnancy it wore off about 12-13 weeks and im getting this time around too dont know when it will wear off though as im only 6 wks.

    hope your ok hun
    emma xx
  • hiya hun, of course its normal to feel anxious, i felt like that and still do! (im 31 wks) its just the motherly instinct, i feel nauseaus until about 10 wks and then that stopped, i felt like what ur feeling now, im sure evrything will be fine, i know its hard but just try to relax, hope that helps hun xxxx
  • Oh that's awful, especially as you were presumably reasonably relaxed before the 8 week mark. And now they've turned you into a nervous wreck - the complete opposite of what they should be doing!

    Your pregnancy symptoms sound very similar to mine. To be honest, I'm a very anxious person anyway so have been worried all the way through the first trimester - especially when at ten weeks I had an unexpected day of brown spotting. We paid for a couple of private scans (which are undertaken by consultants normally as you're paying ????) just to put my mind at rest and stop me panicking too much. Things are OK and I'm 11+4 now. I'm rambling a bit but I suppose my point is to reassure you that there are other worriers out there, like me! I'm not surprised you were concerned given the experience, I'm sure we would all react in the same way - I expect a more senior member of staff scanning you would have handled the situation slightly better. They do say it can be difficult to see the baby via an abdominal scan until the 8 week mark so I would think it was perhaps that, and a combination of not enough water in your bladder.

    Good luck and I hope you begin to feel calmer soon - not long now until the 12 week mark x x x
  • Thank you for your nice words, I actually feel better for reading your replies :\)

    I've not really got any reason to worry, I'm not bleeding and I never have & the mild period pain I was experiencing which I was told was normal seems have settled. There was a heartbeat on the scan and if the sonographer wasn't happy she would have said so to the midwife. I just need to relax and not be so hard on myself, got some lovely new bubble bath earlier which I'm gonna enjoy tonight :\)

    Thanks girls xxx
  • glad to hear your feeling better have a nice relaxing evening xx
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