the last episode of friends .......

has me in tears every time!! lol!!!

i have prob watched it about 20 times but i still cry!!!



  • Oh I watched it too...crying my eyes out too!!! ha hormones
  • Me too! I cry like it's the first time every single time i watch it! Lol x
  • glad im not the only one!! he he!!!

  • I've watched all the season sooo many times and I always cry at it!
    I also always cry during the episode where they watch the old prom video for Rachel and Monica and Rachel goes over to Ross and kisses him. Awwww. Tearing up just thinking about it!
  • the ones that make me cry are when monica and chandler get engaged, married and told they are getting a baby. when phoebe gets married and the last one.

    i love friends! they should so make a new series just to catch up on the twins and ross and rachel!! lol
  • lol I agree Mrs JC. I always think about where they are in their lives at this point lol!
  • "I got off the plane"

    Aww it gets me every time!! xx
  • i love the very end when theyre all in the empty apartment and they're all tearing up and u can tell theyre all really sad for real x
  • "I got off the plane"

    Aww it gets me every time!! xx

    ditto, this line always gets me image

    I absolutley love Friends, watch them over and over again, but I take it I've missed the last episodes tonight? :cry:

    I would love them to do a film like SATC to cathc up with them all image


  • its the one programme on telly that you can put on and watch and still laugh at even though you have seen it a hundred times. love the last episode. bring back friends campaign starts here.
  • Aww Huni - "I got off the plane" - that set me off just thinking about it! Makes me cry EVERY time! xx
  • Friends is my absolue fave- I watch it all the time even though I have seen them all a million times and have the boxset

    When Rachel gives birth makes me cry. I think it is really good that they show a long labour, as no other programmes ever do- it's all "my waters broke and now the head is coming and I'm stuck in a snowstorm" type situations! Also they made her look all sweaty too, which makes it a bit more realistic. You'd have thought the breech would have been diagnosed before though xx
  • Yep!

    "i got off the plane" is the line that sets me off every time!!!

    i have the box set at home and hubby is away tonight mmmmm might just have to get it out!
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