Vitamin D confusing advice

what do you girls think about this?

started taking folic acid preconceptually, read that vitamin d was also recommended but only for asian women or those who don't get enough sunlight.

i'm white and get out and about, so thought that didnt apply to me. recently though have seen news reports saying it should be recommended to all pregnant women, regardless of race and sunlight exposure.

this has left me confused, the articles seem to say that it can damage baby if not taken.

i would like to know in what way can it damage baby? people seemed to be getting along fine without it, before this came out. My other concern is that its a new thing and i dont like new things, folic acid is fine as people have been taking that for years, so its tried and tested.

havent decided to take it or not yet, am going to chat with GP next week and i'll ask her, but in the meantime does anyone have views??

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  • just take pregnacare.
  • Hiya

    Like you I've started taking folic acid before we start trying to conceive. I'm using Tommy's multivitamin with folic acid which has vitamin D in it. I found this titbit of advice whilst googling:

    The Food Standards Agency recommends you take a supplement containing 10 micrograms (mcg) of vitamin D during pregnancy and while you're breastfeeding (FSA nd).

  • My MW recommended that I take a vitD supplement at my booking in appointment, but it was never mentioned when I had ds 3yrs ago!!
    I have to admit that I have been taking it but it certainly didn't do any harm to ds not taking it last pregnancy.
  • It is a new thing. recommendations are always changing, and my MW said it was only 4 weeks ago that they were told to tell us all to take it. I've been taking sanatogen mother to be all way through anyway.
    Like you say at this time of year and being white your levels are probs fine anyway. just see what your doc thinks. They'll probably change their minds again at some point.
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