Am I the only one...

...who doesn't like the idea of the 4D scans. I have nothing against people who want one by the way I just really don't ike the idea of them.

I had only seen them on Peter and Katie (sad I know) so I looked at some on youtube and they freak me out. I don't want to know what my baby looks like until he/she is born. I want to keep it a surprise and don't want to spend the last 12 weeks or whatever of my pregnancy knowing the baby has OH's nose lol!


  • Oh know the thought of my baby having my hubbies nose scares me.

    I'm with you on this one, I wouldn't get one done, I never got one with my little girl because I wanted to see what she looked like for the first time when she was born too.

  • Yes me too!!!

    Hubby would like one, and I will happily oblige, but he's paying for it and said they're too expensive so doubt we will.

    But I agree, I think its a bit weird seeing your baby before it comes out!!! (But then I find being pregnant weird - a small person wriggling inside me??? eeeeew!)

    LOL xxx
  • I agree, I can see why people have them but I personally won't be, I just want birth day to be a huge, wonderful surprise.

  • I do know what you mean about taking away the surprise, however i have booked one! This is my last baby, i didnt have one with my other 2, but as my parents offered to pay (due to it being my last baby) it was kind of an offer i couldnt refuse! Also i'm still struggling to believe i'm having a girl, so it will be a chance to see for myself, and to bond with the baby. I also think my boys might find it very interesting to see their baby sister, it might make it a little more real for them!
  • My fiancee thinks they are 'creepy'. I don't agree but each to their own! (no offense to anyone who's had one or having one!) We won't be having one as we need every penny for two babies xx

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  • i agree hun. my brother in law had one and got it all on dvd. it was pretty wierd seeing her face etc all close up. i dont one to know what he/she looks like either until arrival. its lovely when u finally get to see them! also they cost about ??100 dont they? cant afford that!!
  • Oh, so looks like its just me rather than you then babybooboo!! Haha, i dont mind being the odd one out, i've never liked suprises lol, and i'm pretty sure this one will be the spitting image of my boys anyway, so have a rough idea what she'll look like! xxxx
  • The cheapest I could get it in glasgow is ??125 but they range from about ??100 - ??250 very expensive

  • I think they are great i think to be honest you can't relaly see what the baby will look like, they all the same to me in those 4d scans. Your baby will look so different when he or she comes out.

    I will defo get one of these as your never get that time back again, its wonderful tosee the baby moving and yawning and doing all sorts.

    I can undertsand it's not for everybody though image

    K xx

  • Id have to disagree, obviously seeing as i only posted my pics at the weekend!

    I agree k-lou they all look very similar, especially the nose which always looks HUGE - not worried in anyway that it will turn out like that, but even if it did hes my baby so hel be perfect to me! This is my 3rd (i didnt have one with my first 2) and i feel no different excitment wise about the big day at all - im be meeting him for the first time and having a glimpse into his little world was a priviledge!

    For us personally its was a huge weight off our shoulders as weve had 3mcs on the run up to getting him so where very worried anyway, and i also had a high NT result at 12wks, that combined with a history of turners syndrome in our family, to see hes perfect has taken a huge weight of my shoulders...dare i say it i may be relaxing slightly - only took 7months lol!

    Each to there own though, at the end of the day everyone has their own opinion and reasons for doing things image

  • My hubby wants to get one with this baby seeing as its our last but I'm really not sure about it. I dont know why there is just something telling me not to get it done.

    They dont freak me out or anything and I like looking at people pics/video so I dont know why I wouldn't like one. Its a strange one.

  • Maybe because you have not had one with your other babies so it feels kindaodd. It's werid seeing your baby in you rbelly I get that funny feeling even from looking at my early scan.

    You have to do whats right for you babe.

    k xx

  • I might change my mind when I have my scan this week but like annem I can't put my finger on why I don't want one.
    I think it's a good idea to have them when you have older children to show them the new addition and get them used to the idea though!
    We are pretty poor too at the moment so can't afford one!!
  • Babybooboo I agree with your first post. I don't want to know if I am going to have an ugly child before I have it. LoL. I also think if you know what your child is going to look like before s/he is born then it take the suprise away. In my opinion anyway.

    Kerry, Freya and Pink Bump
    X X X
  • Lol PumpkinPatch! I have such a lovely petite nose and OH has a hooter I really don't want to spend the last few weeks of my pregnancy researching how young you can have a nose job lol!! (I am really only kidding please don't shout at me people lol)
  • They freak me out too!!!

    they look like aliens!
  • Ooohhh now i find that quite offensive, dont really think theres any need for that tbh, those 'aliens' are peoples babies chick.
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