Dairylea triangles / slices?

Anybody know if its ok to eat these?
I want a dairylea sandwich for lunch as i am in the office and have no food with me.
not sure if this is classed as soft cheese or is ok cos its processed?


Rachel. 21 weeks today. x


  • Hiya,
    I think dairylea is ok, i've been eatin it and philidelphia as well.It's cheeses like brie and stilton that you need to avoid. I could b wrong tho in which case i've been eatin the wrong stuff!
  • i thought this was processed cheese so its allowed. I've eaten it during my pregnancy.
  • I would say its okay, (I live on primula and dairylea), the cheese is pasturised and its very unlikely that u will get salmonella or any other sort of food poisening from it. Kerry xxx (Enjoy ur sandwich)
  • Dairylea is fine. Processed cheese is all ok as far as I know.
  • Thanks guys, on my way to make it now!! Yum! xx
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