fainting and night swats..mmm nice.

Hi all..

i'm here for all you lovely ladies advice again please! I've been i'll with a fluey thing for about a month now and put my constant night sweats and feeling dizzy and breathless down to that, but for the past week all my other symptoms have gone and i just still feel awful. I fainted yesterday trying to put some clothes away, and keep coming over all faint doing random things, and it comes from feeling like i can't get enough air. I also wake up every morning drenched in sweat, but i'm not hot, (we never keep the heating on and i sleep in a shorts and vest!) and was just wondering if this is normal in pregnancy or if i should get checked out?

I do have an existing heart condition, but have yet to receive my consultant appointment regarding this..my blood pressure is fine and i'm not anemic. I know all the books say dizziness is common in pregnany but it dosn't occur just after i stand up but at very random times, like earlier when i was trying to make a sandwhich! Any advice would be appreciated, i don't really want to bother my doctor or midwife with common concerns! Thanks.xxx


  • I had the same thing and my midwife told me that I have low blood pressure. I've had a few faints and dizzy spells and breathlessness and it apparentely happens when your blood pressure drops.
    Its nothing to worry about so much as its a bit of a nuisance! I'm 40+1 now and its seemed to calm down when I was about 30 weeks and then my blood pressure started increasing slightly.
    How far on are you?
  • I'm only 15weeks..sorry ment to mention that in my post! Thanks for your reply..i've got my midwife appointment friday so i'll have a chat with her about it then - glad its normal and nothing to worry about. Luckily so far ive been at home every time its happened so have been able to get myself to a soft surface! You must be very excited for your impending labour..i'm wishing my weeks away already to meet my baby, and i've got ages to go..good luck with everything!xx
  • Hi, I started with dizzy spells at around 10 weeks and the midwife said that its quite common as your body changes so much that it can affect your blood pressure. I'd definately mention it to her just so she can monitor it and she might be able to give you some advice on what to do if you start feeling light-headed or breathless.
    Not so much excited anymore about my impending labour as I am fed up!! I was due yesterday and really thought my lo would have arrived by now but had no signs of anything going to happen and really feeling sorry for myself now!!
    When is your due date? Are you going to find out what you are having?
  • hi i started getting dizzy spells from 11 weeks i also actually fainted while getting a smoothie in my local shopping centre!. i haven't got my blood tests back yet so i don't know if i am anemic or not. i am nearly 14 weeks now but still get dizzy a lot. starts off me feeling sick and then getting hot and dizzy. when i told midwife she said its normal for around 2nd trimester. i now try and make sure i have a bottle of water with me and if i start to feel queasy at all i try and eat something like a choc bar as this seems to help! xxx
  • Thanks ladies for all your replies - looks like its just another one of those things we have to put up with!
    Gelfling - i don't blame you being fed up..i can't imagine how i'll feel at 40 weeks waiting around but i'm guessing it will be pretty horrible! My due date is 17th aug, and have our 20 week scan on 3rd april. Yes we are going to find out what we're having now..me and my husband were originally planning to keep it as a surprise but as the weeks have passed we can't resist knowing and it gives me something closer than august to look forward to! Do you know what you're having??xx
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