what is it!!!!!!

wat do it mean wen u have green discharge wa shld i do?? im 33 + 2 weeks???


  • it means ring mw now hun
    Filo x
  • dnt panic me bbe!!
    wat do it mean then??
    im scared??
  • it could mean either you have an infection or maybe that something may happen with labour. Sorry didnt mean to scare you hun but needs to be sorted quickly anyways.
    Filo x
  • i agree with filo, it cld mean a number of things, cld be a urine infection or could be a show. either way best to get it checked out with ur midwife or GP asap.

  • i have mentioned it be4 to then and i was told t wld just get worse!! i wld no if it was an infection!!
    i will fone mw!!
    wat cld it do to labour??
  • may be a show, cant believe mw hasnt checked this out before, green is not usual hun. Take care
    Filo x
  • well spoke to w!! al i need to worry bout is if it start to brownn!! all other colours r normal! xxx
  • Phew thats lucky hun



  • really? i was always told by GP etc that white and slightly offwhite is normal, but green is most definately not the norm. brown wld be indicative of bleeding, green/ yellow is usually a sign of some infection, or ur mucus plug (show), this is usually pinkish/green but obviously that varies slightly from woman to woman. sry if tmi, but if it is also a bit whiffy then it is even more likely to be an infection. i must admit i'm a bit concerned that ur midwife thinks green dischagre is normal? and is just dismissing it without even actually taking a look. i wld get a second opinion.
  • yea its whity greeny colour and it dnt smell so it wldnt be nufin to worry bout wld it!!!
    she said it wld all be dif it it was smelly but it isnt!! and she also said that it bit be after me and my partner have had sex!! xx and to keep an eye on it xxxx
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