Things that annoy you


HAve you noticed that since getting pregnant things annoy you a lot more than they did before? for example, those adverts where they use big words to encourage you to by the product.......

* Activia yoghurts contain Activius Digestivus Bifidum, I mean what the hell is that??!!
* Olay has Pentapeptides - hmmmmm really, well let me rush out and buy some then because I do feel my face is lacking in pentapeptides
*Sudafed has Phenalapharine??!! WHAT?

When I have meeetings at work there is a lady who says "hmmmmmm" after eveything that the chair person says. Now normally this wouldn't annoy me but our meetings can go on for 5 hours lol.

There is a woman who calls me "fatty" at work, I don't think she actually knows my real name image

What annoys you? or is it just me noticing things more than normal?



  • my partner murmurs in his sleep which has taken to waking me up image fiddling, random noises, jigging of legs, twitching of feet my partner in general at the moment can't do any thing right lol EVERYTHING is annoying me and its getting worse! your not alone lol feel very disconcerted by how much annoys me i'm always seemin to be grumpy image
  • God I thought it was just me! Everything annoys me now, I just seem to have no patience with anyone. People walking too slow in front of me, people walking too fast behind me, people bumping into me and not apologising, people talking too loudly on their phone, people not answering their ringing phone, people who comment on my pregnancy, people who don't, people trying to sell me electricity in the shopping centres, men (generally) but esp the ones who check me out then kind of retch when they see my tummy, or who stare to try and work out if I'm just a very funny shape, people who leave their shopping trolleys in my way when I am trying to get to the apples, assistants who talk to each other when they are serving you (ok that one has always annoyed me!) I could go on and on and on... It has to be hormones!

    However, Caz, as for someone calling you fatty, thats so not on! Can you not put rotten fish in her bottom drawer or do that bucket of water above the door trick or failing that just think up an equally insulting name for her - like 'ugly' or 'stupid'?

    There I feel much better now!
    Mel x
  • I think I actually thrive from being moody lol I pick up on the tinniest things and I love complaining about them ha ha!!
  • lol isn't it funny we're turning into old woman b4 our timne hahahaha makes me giggle my oh sees my face and he must see i'm grumpy as he tries to make me laugh and lighten up lol pity he's not learnt leaving me alone works! i agree with mummy m Ask her when she's due lol that'll shut her up and make sure u use a big sticky label with your anme on it for her to see hahahaha
  • What annoys me is... I work for a charity (lol not that bit) one of the women I work with is whom is my senior is always on the phone chatting seems to think if she saids oh its my family thats fine she often uses the 'C' work while doing we... we work in a youth club!! were now on half term so we have play scheem - I'm in charge of arts and crafts which I love (before i came all they ever made was random constructions with lolly sticks - honestly!) anyways I offered out of the kindness of my heart to go to hobby craft in my own time so we could have so alternatives (I for one am not making lolly stick things all week lol) its really quite far 35 miles - i wasnt sure of the of the was and obviously i'm pregnant and anyone who does craft stuff knows it can be heavy - I rang a friend I spent all of 30 secs on the phone the context of the conversation went - ' Hi Catherine I need to go to hobby craft for work do you fancy coming for the drive lol as you know I always get lost? oh yeah thats great ill pick you up after work thanks yeah cause ill need help carrying it all ... bye!'

    in she comes and has the cheek to tell me off for personal phone calls!!

    four hours in my own time it took! my own pertrol! I paid out of my own pocket and had to get reemberst! Geeze!

    althought i did nearly eat her when i got of the phone! lol but that annoys me! cheeky B! lol random rant over! lol cheers girls
  • Oh my god thats really rude of her! give her a slap.

    As for the lady who calls me fatty, I generally pay no attention to her she is ugly as sin and is probably just jealous that she can't get anyone to knock her up lmao

  • Hi Everyone,
    Pre-pregnancy and especially now, I hate it when people say, "You're looking well," as this usually translates as, "Haven't you put weight on since I last saw you." We are hormonal and sensitive right now...

  • Right this very second, people i work with are annoying me!! I'm sure some don't actually know how to answer the phone & that a 10min break doesn't last 20mins!!! Arrrrgghhh!!
    Also morons driving abilities....thats always bugged me, but just even more so now!
    I don't think anyone should call names though, def come up with a "special" name to call her back CazA!
    Sarah xx
  • my god what a blooming cheek i suggest you make a sarcy comment when she's next on the phone about how much time she spends on it and who too! and also make digs about your commital to the job with the length of visit and money spent etc.... maybe she'll hold her tongue or even offer to help next time! rude troll!
  • ha ha I'm sure I can come up with a colourful name for her image
    My husbands driving annoys the hell out of me, he gets so stressed and I have to bite my lip not to say anything lol now I buy chewing gum for myself so I don't talk image

  • well thats an easy one... its gotta be the MIL!!
    but it doesnt stop there!

    caz - u make me laugh! image

    nessy - totally agree with you - that is all i hear image or they ask how i am and then when i say i'm ok apart from leg cramps/back ache (the usual pregnancy stuff) i get ''oh yeh you not the only one... i had that too'' as if thats meant to make me feel better! ha! i was so annoyed with last woman that said this (she txt yday!) as i've had a pretty tough time recently, my grandad died suddenly on wed and i think cos i am stressed etc i am now ill and on antibiotics etc -the last thing i wanted was her texting crap!

    and i'm definitely with mummym on the ''people bumping into me and not apologising''

  • Gem am sorry to hear about your grandad image but i'm glad I make you laugh.

    If I mention anything about the ailments (sp) my mum says "ohhhh it's only going to get worse" which isn't exactly what I want to hear lol.

    I hate it when people bump into me, I have pushed people recently, especially in the supermarket.

  • Oh god I think my moodiness is the worst, I was at B'ham new street supposed to be getting the train and 1 was cancelled and I missed the other one, I was almost crying (pathetic I kno!) and when someone got in my way I said the F word at them!!!! (Not loudly, but I'm pretty sure they heard!) Not something I'd normally do at all image

    I have a go at people a lot more than I used to, I've become one of those 'angry customer' types, ranting and raving to people in call centres especially the job centre oh my god the arguments I've had with them.

    I get really annoyed at my oh's parents as well...I don't know why as they're nice people, it's just all the bloody talk about home improvements drives me loopy! All they ever do is shop for bathrooms and curtains and I'm like aaaaaarrrrghhhh as I hate shopping and hate talking about it even more. They offered to buy our moses basket and when we went shopping they didnt seem bothered about what WE liked and I was dragged round every shop when normally I'd buy it off the internet and then go and have a cup of tea LOL!


    It makes me laugh when ugly and fat people make a comment bout u just cos ur pregnant...they only do it cos they're insecure about themselves! I would just laugh in that womans face lol xxxx
  • i decide to be the one pushing the trolley now and funnily enough dont get so many people bumping into me! it just annoys me more when they dont say sorry - dont hurt does it!

    thanks caz image
  • this post has made me giggle. i have a horrendous temper and so am very controlled as i go completely nuts. i havn't lost my temper for many many years but during my pregnancy have been pushed to the very edge. if i complain about anything e.g backache, looking like a whale ect my oh comes out with well its because your pregnant ahhhhhhhhhhh. it was nearly death by spatular when we had a row whilst cooking and he turned round and shushed me. again ahhhhhhhhh. the other bugbear is people constantly asking me if its twins. its just one - she just likes to have a bit of space. i now tell people its beer- stella in fact. im normally a really calm and laid back person but being pregnant has brought out the monster in me mwahahahaa. good news is that it has calmed down loads in the last few weeks thankfully
  • ha ha we are all so funny and completely irrationaI I almost encourage people to walk into me just so I can push them out of my way or shout at them.

    My husband will come out with the most helpful things like "your only pregnant you're not a cripple" and I almost appreciate these comments as at least he is treating me like I'm just a normal person. Although he has a cold at the moment and truely believes he is dying so I said "It's only a cold you're not a cripple" (when he couldn't quite get up to make himself a cuppa) and he didn't seem to think it was funny

  • all of the above.... plus my boss who despite his best efforts just doesnt have a clue how to 'deal' with a pregnant lady....its a bit like explaining the whole process to a child! really embarassing! he even asked this morning when morning sickness started - im 15 weeks gone...he obviously didnt notice the stash of ginger biscuits and the frequent trips to the loo during the first 12 weeks!
    im worried tho that im beinging to enjoy my impatience and might become a permanent characteristic!
  • Everything annoys me since I got pregnant,

    Stupid people annoy me, which is kinda funny because I come out with the stupidest things myself a lot of the time.
    People who have to have an opinion on everything, even though they have no clue about it,
    people messing about with things on my desk when im on my diner and not leaving me to just get on with what im doing
    Young girls who've never had kids going on about how beautiful child-birth is and how they'd never have any drugs or anything during labour because thats wrong-they'd want it completely natural and at home as well.
  • i'm just gonna list mine as there are a few and if i go into them i may never stop

    1, Other Half saying "how can you be tired at 3pm on a sat"
    2, being pushed on the train (you know who you are businessmen)
    3, smokers (i'm sorry i dont want to breath in your selfish arsed cancer smoke, and neither, does my baby.)
    4, people saying "oh aren't you glowing" (you'd be glowing too if you had your head stuck down the toilet every morning)
    5, old people saying " back in my day................." (arghhh)
    6,my OH trying to kiss me when i'm all blocked up and feeling rubbish (please just leave me alone for a bit)
    7,people who shout at each other on the train when they are only sitting next to each other.
    8, getting up for work at 6am i need more sleep
    9, FOOTBALL (think that really says it all)
    10, crying over stupid stuff like i cant find my hairbrush
    okay i'm gonna stop now as i could just go on and on.
  • oo00oo another bug bear is my oh saying 'chill out' i'll chill out when i chop you into lil pieces and stuff you in the freezer mwhahaha
    as for his Mother (might stick her in there too!)ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH if i have to hear her voice once more when she is yet again drunk asking us if we want anything from freecycle (she's taken the fun from looking andmade it her lifes ambition to pee me off with did you want i saw this did you need! if i put you on free cycle you lil troll no1 would want you! your an alcoholic who smokes too much and has no life but that doesnt mean you get to ruin mine!!!! AHHH feels much better saying it to someone other than oh who rolls his eyes! lol it also annoys me at the lack of patience i'm showing towards my oh and other things... like having to repeat myself because he diodn't listenthe first time... him not cleaning when he says he will and leaves it for DAYS arghhhhh i cleaned the kitchen for 3 hours because its his job and he dont bother! that was friday and it's been looking like the mice are nibbling bread as crumbs everywhere empty wrappers all ove ther place and floor mings already :cry: it killed my SPD and back doing the cleaning and yet he doesn't care! sorry like to rant at mo
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