signed off until maternity leave starts in Dec

I know it is the right thing to do for baby, but I'm not sure what to do with myself now for the next 6 weeks! Have already built up a big list of things on Mothercare website to buy, and it's only day 4 of no work!


  • I can sympathise with you Debbie. Im 32w and started my maternity leave last week and im bored already. I couldnt possible stay on longer because I work 14 hour days on my feet constantly and was really struggling in the end.

    Are you ok?
  • Ive been off since start of Oct with sick notes due to SPD 3 weeks hols and mat leave officially started last week im bored but had no choice as i worked 12 hour shifts and was stuggling walking and not getting any sleep. Ive packed my bag, washed baby stuff, tested steriliser etc, wrapped xmas pressies watched a lot of daytime tv, read 4 books and have a 2 hour nap every aft as im up at 3-4am each morning!!! Im due 3 weeks tomorrow and cannot wait!!!! image
  • Not long for you now hunibuni. I couldnt wait to start my mat leave but now getting lonely. OH and friends all at work and to make things worse, my trusty car was written of by a twat last month so I dont even have the car to get about in.

    Iv bought some books too and still have to wash all my baby things but have not even started on xmas pressies yet.

  • I started my maternity leave at 34 weeks. I thought what if the baby came early I wanted to be completely rested and ready it was only when I went over I was really bored.
    I typed all my addresses into word so I could print them for baby announcement cards and christmas card evelopes. I took a room at a time and completely had a clear out of every cupboard and draw. I visited lots of people and family and did lots of reading and took lots of naps.
    Good luck hope it goes quickly for you. xxxx
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