Slow labour?

Hi everyone!
Im 31 weeks pregnant,monday night i was on my way to bed and all of a sudden i felt a gush of water, it wasnt loads and as i was so tired and baby was moving and kicking i went to bed and rang my mum and midwife first thing, the midwife said if i have any more pains or get any more water to come straight in but she thinks it may be down to the fact that i went to newcastle on the weekend and 6 hour long drive back, She told me to measure the movement every day as i havnt had my kick chart yet. Ive had period cramps, nothing painfull but theyre just there if you know what i mean! Do you think that its maybe slow labour?


  • sorry hun cnt help but i posted bout a similar thing last week,thought id had a trickle of my waters but mw said id know if it was waters as id keep getting wet dwn there and id have more than a trickle.End of last week i was told babys head was engaged and my cervix was open so she should b here soon but im still w8in!image hanna 37+2 xx
  • I don't think it is, could be wrong though.

    My mates neice has been in slow labour for 3 days lol.
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