embarassing question about down below, sorry but must ask!!!

Im 20 weeks pregnant & quite worried cos things down below have gone extremely tight. Its got so bad that my oh even has trouble getting it in lately (sorry if tmi) and he isnt exactly hung like a donkey! It just seems that I have shrunk down there but thought that the exact opposite would happen now Im pregnant. I dread to think how Im going to fit a baby out there if I cant even fit a willy up there without it hurting. Does anyone else have this problem since getting pregnant, sorry to ask but just getting a bit worried,

sarah x


  • sorry i have nothing at all constructive to say but laughing my arse off at your comment about hubby not being hung like a donkey. bless his todger, i hope he doesn't read this. As a freidn of mine says when confronted about the size of his willy (which is rumoured to be a bit on the small side...... "it's big enough to fill a pram......three times!!" love it.

    sorry for not helping one bit!!
  • I have no idea if I personally have this problem as sex is right at the bottom of my list of priorities since I got pregnant, but I have heard of this before and I think it is quite common!
  • My muscles were considerably tighter while I was pregnant and after my lo was born they seemed to have tightened up even more not fortunately to the point where sex was a problem, although my other half is equally not hung like donkey however as I have always said its not the size that counts it what you do with it!!
  • Sorry hon - cant help but like Lisajo said, I too am laughing my arse off!!!!

    I wouldnt worry about the baby coming out though - thats a totally different matter! Mother Nature helps with the coming out but not with letting OH in!!!!
  • Hi Sarah
    again sorry haven't been active in this department either, but I am sure all with be fine, there are perineal massage exercises that you can do to help stretch yourselve to help you to stop tearing, someone posted on here a few weeks ago how to do it, maybe try that if you're worried.

    Em x
  • Hi there
    I have found a similar problem, however I think its due to the 'engorgement' of bit down below. They feel fuller and I think thats what makes it feel 'tighter' as such. My hubby likes to take his time which I can not tolerate at the moment as after a while it just gets too sore, but def use lube - it helps. and don't stress either as that will make it worse. Is it a diff position also that could be causing a different sensation?

  • LMAO! i wouldn't know myself as i havent had sex in months lol, but there was a thread about sex a while back, and lots of people said the same thing xxxxx
  • There's a lot going on down there taking up space I guess, however if memory serves me right from the once I have had any penetration in the last 2 months, it was quite tight! Bit of lubrication should help and other than that, keep your fingers crossed your still as tight after the birth!
  • I have become swollen which has made a difference as I get sore really quickly now, and this does make everything feel tighter. It has got a bit better as times gone on, different positions and lube are definetely the way to go.
  • i thought it was just me!! i feel very small down there aswell and are very scared of having to squeeze a baby out of it! my sex drive has completely gone out the window aswell as im so used to it hurting that i dont evan think about it anymore! does anyone else have this problem? xx
  • hoiya babe i had that problem , when i was between 15-20 wekks, it felt like i was closed up be;low. the midwife said it can be caused by both nervousness and the mucus which builds up to secure the womb entrance. most women dont get it, but its normal you just need to relax, and try some lubricant to help the area soften if u get me. but dont worry babe.my OH (well the father) is well lets just say god was good to him, lol and it was pure pain the first three times we tryed. it ended in me feeling insecure and crying while he tryed to make me feel better. just remember there are other ways to be intimate if sex is hard for he first few months. its completely normal, sarah 27 weeks blue bump!!!
  • hi i havent had this problem during pregnancy but definitely happened after the birth of my first baby. it could maybe be connected with dryness and maybe you should try some lubricant (sorry dont know whats safe in pregnancy), if anything id say i was having the opposite prob!!
  • Your probably a little bit swollen inside, i know i have been! XX


  • I have this problem and it is horrible. Feels like losing your virginity again every time! And that isn't a good thing btw! :lol: We use loads of lube but it doesn't help much, just makes it a bit easier going in. As of last week though we seem to have given up on sex. Too tiring and sore now. xxxxx


  • Thanks ladies, I feel a bit more normal again knowing that its happened to others. Have told oh we will just have to refrain from any hanky panky until the problem gets better, the poor sod is feeling quite neglected lately as it is but said he we can still have intimate time together without the sex and lots of massages for me instead, yippee, maybe my little problem isnt too bad after all :lol:

    sarah x
  • me and my hubby have been having loads of trouble to im sooo tight lol, keep trying now and again though to losen me up! i find best postition doggy style.

    im so scared of tearing when i give birth! arrrr!
  • It is nice to know that others have this same problem as all the magazines seem to say that when pregnant your hormones go mad and you cant get enough!! Have told my husband what everyones been saying and that its completely normal to have less sex but now he wants to ban me from this site as i'm getting ideas!! lol.
  • me and my oh will be born again virgins by the time i let my oh near my bits lol
    really havent felt like sex at all, been quite poorly through preg but lucky for me oh loves his cuddles too image xxx
  • hi sarahsamuel
    ive got these problems too im really worried bout it it happend after i had my 1st child im 38wk+1 now but everything seems rly close n tight image.after i had my 1st child i tried to have sex but it was soo painful i had tests and swabs done but they sed everything was normal so i dnt kno whats happend to me bits image.
    abbie n bluebump 38wk+1
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