can you get flexible childcare anywhere?

Hi girls, can anyone enlighten me on childcare for the future?
My OH works shifts and I plan to go back to return one LO is nine months. I hope to go back to work part time, but this is just a hope at the mo! I hear that nurseries only take you on for permanent days in the week. This would be impracticable on weeks that OH is off and able to look after LO on his own. Sorry for sounding silly but I'm not really clued up on the world of child care. Are there any other options that would be flexible? Any others in similar situation? x


  • hi i used to be a registered childminder and some child minders will let you change days each week as long as it is worth their while (sorry if that sounds cheeky) for instance if you worked 3 days a week but the days could change then maybe if you paid them for 3.5 days it would make up for the 2 days pay they are losing by not being able to give the 2 days place to another little girls nursery did let you change days, also if you are entitled to tax credits towards childcare you could be pay for a fulltime place but only use it when you need it ?
  • Thanks laura I understand a little better now. Thanks hun! will check it out in my local area. Not sure I understand the tax credits thing. Need to read up about it x
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