Life Saver!

Before I list it on e bay I thought I'd post on here to say that I have a life saver for sale!! It's a Fisher Price Aquarium Cradle swing. It swings back and forth and also side to side, has music, lights and spinning, dangling fish to entertain babies. When Poppy was tiny it was great as when she got grizzly it would lull her to sleep in no time at all! Definately the best thing I bought!
I live inbetween Manchester & Liverpool as it would have to be collected due to it's size.
Either reply on here or e mail me on [email protected] if you want more info!


  • Hiya!
    Am defo interested mate! Will email you shortly for info ok
    Love Lee
  • Battery is almost dead on laptop and I'm off to the Trafford Centre for some retail therapy! I'll reply later then!
  • Hiya - it's too far for me to collect but I know a couple who've got a 14 week old baby and he loves this - puts him to sleep straight away! Hopefully we'll get it soon as he's a big baby, although someone has already offered to buy us one. xxx
  • Thanks Tiger Lily! Hearing that news am really glad I sent email lol.

    Any item that helps with sleeping is fine by me lol.

    Love Lee
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