Finding my post?? confused!

hi,i need a little bit of help on this website please. I posted on here a couple of days ago but cant find the thread to see if there are any replies.Is there a way of finding where i have posed without having to go through all the threads that sound similar???


  • I was going to say, click on 'my other topics' under your name as author on this page.

    However, I have just done that and there are no other topics apart from this one that you have created. It maybe that when you tried to post, it didnt actually get posted.
  • Thanks for that.I have since found the two posts i replied on.Maybe they are not on' other topics' because i didnt start them??? not sure but found them now.thanks alot
  • yeah, sorry you can only find the posts you started on other topics. I thought this was what you
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