I have just heard the best three words ever in my life!!!!


I could have kissed the sonographer...

As some of you know hubby and I have had a real rollercoaster of a journey over the last 2 years ttc, with 2 m/c and being told we had lost this one at 6 weeks...

Today at 22 weeks we had our anomoly scan and I was such a state by the time I got there going from giddy and silly to welling up in tears, I'm lucky they didn't re-direct me to the psych ward, ha ha..

I knew the sonographer as he had done the scans for my m/c's and for our current peanut, he knew I was really anxious and he had a quick look and said 'everything looks fine', I burst into tears, he laughed and said he had to do all the measurement....

I floated out of there feeling the stress and heartbreak of the last two years float away, I feel now for the first time I can start to enjoy this pregnancy and look forward to the arrival of our baby...

I went straight to homebase and our nursery to be is now covered in tester squares and I'm making a list of everything to do and buy...WOO HOO...

We were also very lucky to discover that we are having a baby boy...he had no shame and spread his legs wide open so we could get a good view, even I could tell he was a boy, lol...

I will have hubby in the loft at the weekend digging out all of our baby stuff so I can get everything ready before I go back to uni in feb...


*does happy dance around and around*


Hubby was very proud and said he takes after his father, ha ha!!!!

The only person who will be disappointed will be our 4 year old daughter who made it very clear that she wanted a baby sister and NOT a baby brother...luckily we have enough time to work on that before our son's arrival (I love saying that)...


  • Congrats im so pleased for you i can feel your happiness and it brought a big smile to my face.
    Now to work on your little girl lol
    enjoy the rest of your pregnancy and take care.
    vikki xx
  • Oh I am sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo happy for you. I kept coming on to see if you had posted anything.

    Have find doing thr nursery up. Oh and have fun trying to get your little girl to want a wee brother I bet that'll be the hardest part.
  • congrats! now you can relax, cant wait for mine xxx
  • So pleased for you! I knew it was all going to be okay! Great having a boy aint it - I'm sure your daughter will come round. x
  • Well done you!! Now enjoy it after all you've been through! Keep us updated!
  • fantastic news...
    Relax and enjoy the rest of your pregnancy...
  • So chuffed for you - enjoy it hun - you deserve it after your long journey, xxx
  • congratulations, i am really pleased for you!! you must be so relieved!! i am nervous for my scan and i dont have any of that previous heartbreak on my shoulders!
    well done and enjoy every second!!
    x x
  • Hey am so happy for u 3!! ask ur daughter what name does she like to call him as my mate asked her son what name does he want for his sister and he picked her name and they used it as a middle name and hes so proud to have a sister lol might work for u!!

    All the best


  • Thanks everyone,

    We told our daughter tonight she is having a brother and much to our surprise she was sooooo excited jumping up and down and has made me promise to take her shopping tomorrow to buy things for her baby brother!!!!! I am so relivied and excited....Can't wait to go out with her tomorrow and finally start shopping for our baby....

    Cheriste it's funny you should say that, we've asked her a few times what boys names she likes and she always says the same 2, rusty (after a dog!!!!) and sam (same name as my ex hubby so thats a no, ha ha)...hopefully she'll think of some more, ha ha...

  • YAY!!!!!!! That is wonderful news image No idea if I ever said this to you but every time I thought of your little fighter I always thought of them as a 'he' for some. Really good news. So happy for you I've welled up and everything!
    How exciting to be at the nursery decorating stage image Let us know what you buy.
    Is there a way of exchanges email adds with you please? Should have left you it when I closed my Facebook account.

    xxxxxxxxxx image
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